Thursday, August 5, 2010

Protecting traditional marriage

So I read with great disappointment that this activist judge in California overturned Proposition 8 which protects traditional marriage. A lot of you secular progressives are jumping for joy that this judge was appointed by a respectable legitimate conservative president. Well, sometimes folks that I admire, make mistakes and this is the best example.
While I knew about and respected this judge, he's dead-wrong and stuck-on-stupid. For this decision, he will be greeted by Lucifer in the fiery pits of Hell for opening up the floodgates to unlimited, unnatural debauchery to spread across the fruited plain like poisonous cloned locusts.

Attention Judge Walker, you will be judged by The Lord Almighty who will forever banish your filthy soul along with Wiccan Speaker Pelosi, Brain-Damaged Reid and Hussein Obama to the bowels of evil that no man has ever known.

I don't mean anyone any harm nor do I condone harm in any way. I love the judge, but he will have to answer to a higher power for his actions.