Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Georgia governor contest

My aunt up near Brasstown in North Georgia has been there her whole life. From time to time, I write about what's going on in the Peach State. This year, they're picking a new governor. It's between a has-been Democrat Roy Barnes versus the Honorable Representative Nathan Deal. Why should I care who my aunt votes for since I live in Mississippi? Well, I think all these great Southern states have a lot in common -- so much so they ought to form something I would call: The Southern Coalition. The Southern Coalition of the United States of America would be a self-sufficient governing body that would decide on its own trade, water issues and social issues. These Southern states could come together to say NO to the gay agenda, NO to Socialized health care, NO to high taxe$ and so forth.

Back to Georgia: The choice here is easy: the Honorable Rep. Nathan Deal is the clear choice to put Georgia on the right track. With so much moray decay in our society, hard-working men like Mr. Deal need to be in top jobs like governor to lead and inspire the people to become God-fearing, self-sufficient, responsible human beings who care about a culture of life. Why would any human being vote for someone like Roy Barnes? I just don't understand it. "Mr." Barnes is one small part of a huge problem that has enveloped this country since the early 1960s when God was kicked out of the schools. Every since that time, so many "men" like "Mr." Barnes have taken the once-free nation hostage and led it down the path to debauchery and Godlessness.
The easy choice here is Representative Nathan Deal, a man of integrity, honor, patriotism and most of all, God.