Monday, August 30, 2010

Beck and call to the Capitol

Hello all!

I just got back from Washington and I feel revived. Glenn was completely amazing as he stirred up the crowd with his beautiful speech. Sarah looked more gorgeous than ever. It was a day of inspiration as speaker after speaker reminded us that this nation's fabric has been torn apart by leftists who are hellbent on turning us into a land of big government-dependent bed-wetting Marxists.

Roosevelt and myself jumped on a Greyhound filled with Tea Party Patriots. The church on wheels steamed through the fruited plain only to be greeted by thousands of other patriots for a weekend of prayer, love and outrage. This weekend only told me what I already knew: this November will be a bloobath for ultra-leftwing nutcases who will experience serious tough love as they will see their handouts immediately end and righteous folk like us will take our country back!

There was one woman from Kentucky who took my breath away. She's 82-year-old Bonnie who grew up kinda like me in a 1/2-room schoolhouse with a coal-fired burner, wooden desk made from nearby trees and a lady from the town who was teacher and ruled with a Bible and iron paddle.

I also met Gary from Michigan who has lived in Stupak Shakur's district for years. Gary's been out of work for 8 years because of Hussein Obama's jobs-killing pro-Socialist agenda. Some stupid secular progressive protester butted in and pointed out to me that Gary lost his job during the Honorable President George W. Bush's successful regime. I told the secular progressive that it's still Hussein Obama's fault because this administration hates business and Christianity and that's the end of the story, don't argue with a fact.

Bonnie and me both talked and prayed for hours about how this country went downhill the second Hussein Obama screwed up the Oath. I shed so many tears with this fine woman who I ended up calling "Mama" before the day was done.

Next to the time I went to Atlanta for the Tea Party protest a year-and-a-half ago, this was one of the best weekends that I ever had.


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