Friday, July 2, 2010

If I were elected president

If I were elected president, I would propose to end the entire illegal stimulus program, unemployment "benefits," Socialistic health care, Medicare, Medicaid, road "projects" and anything other unnecessary big gov't program.

OK, now that's that done, let's take the money to pay off the multi-trillion dollar debt incurred by Barack Hussein Obama. Next, direct discretionary funding to what government does best: defense. Save any monies left over.

"What? Are you crazy, Bill?"

Yes, I'm crazy about the private sector creating jobs on its own. I'm crazy about the church helping out the needy. I'm crazy about individuals buying their own health care. I'm crazy about free markets. I'm crazy about defending our interests around the world. I'm crazy about protecting our borders and for those who get in, let's put them to work in our military because we are all over the world spreading freedom. Those illegals who got through the fence are good people who can be taught how to protect us. Heck, they can even be paid to protect the very borders they breached and even put them to work in privatized jails.

With all of those monies freed up, we can put every man to work. Where will the ladies go? Well, we can keep them at home to raise our children and all of them can become home schoolers or they can teach in locally-created charter schools. If we followed my plan, America could be free again, but no, we decide to vote for the far-left in this country, thus ruining it.