Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some people stand up

Most days I have lost hope for this once-free nation no matter how much I pray for her future. Then along comes a heartwarming story like this from North Carolina. Let me write this because it empowers me every single time I type it out on this here keyboard, The United States of America is One Nation Under God.

The Founders of this once-free nation believed in a higher power who preached the power of attending church, self-reliance and the ability to tell others what to do with their lives and bodies for the greater good of country.

That there billboard in North Carolina deserved to be defaced because these Atheists are Communists who wish to destroy this nation's freedom to worship wherever one might wish to worship. They also wish to invade our homes in order to take our weaponry, canned ham, Toby Keith CDs and copies of The Limbaugh Letter.

These patriots did the right thing. God Bless them.