Monday, May 17, 2010

My Communist Neighbor and other thoughts

Why should this homosexual woman be dropped from the Supreme Court nomination? Because Newt said so.

My far left liberal neighbor Jared from New York said, "Why do you believe everything Newt Gingrich has to say?"
I said, "Newt knows everything, you Stuck-On-Stupid Democrat from the Godless Northeast who lost all his money on Wall Street and is now stuck in Mississippi with his wife who makes all the money in the house."

OK, maybe I was tough on Liberal Jared, but hey, someone's gotta try to make a man out of him. I mean, I respect the man who worked so hard with all of the other men on Wall Street to make money, but it's like Jared now has no manliness in him. His wife Sharon is a nurse and is the breadwinner. That's wrong. She should be home teaching the five kids they should have had by now.

Anyway, Newt knows everything. Why? Because and that's all I have to say. Well, Newt changed the way Washington did business when Bubba was in the White House messing things up with his job and in his pants. If Newt actually got Bubba to leave town and he took charge, then I know the World Trade Center towers would still be standing today.

Now, onto this homosexual woman that Hussein Obama wants on the Sup Ct. Newt says that she's anti-military because she wouldn't let patriotic recruiters who I see at the mall all the time -- onto that elitist Harvard campus in the Godless Northeast. Oh my Lord is this "woman" just plain dumb! Let me see: the honorable U.S. military wants to make men out of a bunch of pencil neck geeks who read books and this "woman" doesn't want that to happen? Yes, Newt, that is anti-military! We need to find a way to stop this madness!

Here I am in my shed crying for what was once a great nation that had a great military and now we are weakenining it with social engineering nonsense! I pray that the Honorable Senator Orrin Hatch becomes a new firewall to stop this woman.

Thank God for Newt Gingrich for talking common sense.
I wish Newt could meet my Communist neighbor and talk some sense into him, but for now, Jared has me. I'm sure I can fix Jared just like a stuck valve.

God Bless, Bill

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