Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love oil

I love oil. There, I said it and it feels good. Oil makes common sense. Wind, solar? What? Gimme a break. Let's be real here, you dumb Secular Progressive Enviro-whimps. You see that bird up there covered in it. It's not sad. It's the sign of freedom. In fact, we should think about replacing the eagle with this fella.

"Bill, you're an honorable man who goes by the Good Book word for word," you might say. "How can you be so insensitive to a poor little bird."

"Guess what, you idiot...birds have meat and in this photo, there's meat under that patriotic oil!" I say!

I know in my heart and mind that Lil Hussein, that despicable self-installed president of this once-free nation conspired with you dumb enviro-whackos to puncture this patriotic oil rig. I know it! Don't question me! I read enough to know that that Communistic group Greenpeace is behind this disaster. They wanted to do this with Lil Hussein to stop the Drill Baby Drill program instituted by my vice president, the Honorable Richard B. Cheney and his patriotic co-workers.

Time will prove that Bill White is right. Bill White was right about The Surge. Bill White was right about the patriotic tax cuts instituted by my president, the Honorable George W. Bush. It's just that Mr. Bush lost his way on very few things like giving seniors health care -- I think that his daddy (who also lost his way) made W do that one. Other than that, the bad economy was Jimmah, Bubba and Lil Hussein's faults.

Any way, oil is here to stay, you enviro-psychos. My 150 loves the oil just as must as that bird up there loves being covered in it. That's one patriotic bird which symbolizes the hard work that patriotic BP is doing for us. Sure, the Feds cannot cap off the oil spew because they can't do it! It's the private sector that can do these things. Government should just be Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and nuclear-proof museums that house Toby Keith and NASCAR memorablia.

God Bless,