Monday, April 12, 2010

Tax Time

Here we are in April as patriots and Socialists alike give Washington their dollars. The patriots are informed by watching FOX News and reading the National Enquirer. The Socialists are naive about how their dollars - whether earned or given to them - are spent by crooked Democrats in Congress. It is a fact that Republicans are smart and Democrats are stuck on stupid.

I cried as I figured out my taxe$ on the ole HP in this here shed. If you hear the rumbling under yer feet, it's either the patriotic Tea Partiers marching into town squares across the fruited plain to protest big gov't or it's the Founding Fathers literally rolling in their graves. Those decent men who drew up that document would be in major depression if they saw what today's leaders have done to the Constitution. Nowhere does it say that government ought to provide health care, jobs and money! Nowhere! Don't tread on me! Don't take my hard-earned dollars! I cannot create jobs in my business if Hussein Nobama is taxing and regulating me out of existence. I have to spend more time in this here shed figuring out all of that paperwork. I say, "Hell NO!" and "No more!"

Let the bloodbath begin whereby We The People take back Washington to its rightful owners who are us!

I plan to hop into the 150 to attend these rallies. Yes, I'll lose some business. I have Pedro as my apprentice who can take over on some jobs. But, it's worth every dime lost!

I'll see y'all at the rallies!