Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry State of the Union

I viewed the Lil Hussein "speech" last night with my usual disgust. No, the cherry pie was not thrown at my 19-incher TV in this here shed. I had some restraint. If anyone followed my tweets, some of this is old news.

Where do I start? Lil Hussein put on the worst speech in the history of this once-free land. He is by far the worst president that this entire world has seen - pure and simple. The Community-Organizer-In-Chief (with still no experience) wrote the worst anti-free market/pro-Socialistic speech in the history of mankind. Every disgusting word is based in lies and Godlessness. There was no mention about going after the jihadists and preserving a culture of life. The whole rotten thing was about how he wants to control your life from your health care to education to what government agency you should work for.

The only time my blood wasn't boiling was when I saw He-man John Boehner on my TV. That man is the future and I cannot wait to see how he fights the liberal troika of Wiccan Pelosi, Brain-Damaged Reid and Nobama in the next year. But, my friends, there is a lot of work to do and I intend to strengthen my crusade against Godlessness and Socialism. I will write my Congressmen about how this administration is further destroying our Republic. I for one, WANT MY COUNTRY BACK! Yes, it has been taken away, hijacked by the far left pro-terrorist elements of our society.

Here's my suggestion on what Lil Hussein should have said and it would have only taken may 10 minutes:

I, Barack Hussein Obama, will resign the office of the presidency effective noon tomorrow. I will also ask my Godless Vice President, the Dishonorable Joseph C. (Communist) Biden, Wiccan installed-Speaker Pelosi, Brain-Damaged Harry Reid, my cabinet and every "Stuck on Stupid" Democrat in the House and Senate to do the same. I will call on either the Honorable Governor Palin or Huckabee to assume the role of President of the United States of America whereby a culture of life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness will prevail! We will place God-fearing conservative folk in the House and Senate where they will kill the Socialistic health care plan as well as the dumb jobs bill that I proposed. Next, they will slash taxes and institute the FAIRTax - which is OK, but still might not be enough to stimulate the economy that I wrecked. When I board the government-paid chopper at 12:15pm on January 28, 2010, I will direct the pilot to take me to Guantanamo Prison where I will become a prisoner and allow myself to be waterboarded along my fellow jihadists by the Honorable Richard B. Cheney. I admit that I was a plant-someone ready to overtake this once-free country and turn it into a weak Socialistic nation that is about to lose the important Global War on Terror-which is a war that last forever according to the Honorable Donald Rumsfeld who will re-assume his position as Defense Secretary.

Praise Allah,
Barack Hussein Obama

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