Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lawyer Up, Boys!

What in God's name is going on? This scum of the Earth tries to blow up a plane and what does Lil Hussein Nobama do? He LAWYERS UP! That's right. Hussein Nobama and his thug helpers in the highest offices in the land, take this disgusting terrorist off the plane and escort him to a spa, give him massages, call girls and of course, lawyers. They're coddling this terrorist thinking that this SOB has more rights than our son, daughters and Chuck Norris. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE FOLKS?!!! I'm not sure if I can take any more of this. I think Lil Hussein and his buddies pray for the terrorists safety and well-being over all others in this once-free land. This Mutallab fella is lawyering up and he's not talking. He needs to be sent to a bigger, stronger Gitmo whereby he faces a military tribunal for a few minutes, taken down to a dungeon where he is waterboarded to extract vital information from him and then he needs to face a firing squad. These suck-up far lefty looney lawyers are dangerous to our way of life. They have no business even being in this country.

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