Saturday, January 30, 2010

He always lies

This Internet things can be a bad and good thing. It's bad because too many seculars get on here shouting about how great it is to drink, do drugs and have homosexual "sex." When I come across such disgusting filth, I pray and cry every single dang time.

The good thing about this Web contraption with all of its pipes is that there are God-fearing Christians like me to fight the far left. This week proves it. Barack Hussein Nobama, our installed illegitimate president who is taking a vacation from history by killing this once-free country, decided to have a meeting with our patriotic self-reliant Republicans. Lil Hussein crashed their party which was going quite well as the Honorable Representative John Boehner was putting down his credit card for a new home tanning machine and a year's supply of patriotic Marlboro cigarettes.

There came Lil Hussein with his fancy Kenyan Muslim (non oil-producing Muslim type) swagger and took to their patriotic podium to chastise these wholesome patriots for doing their duty to Real America--which is by saying NO to big government-run health care, Socialism, secularism, anti-militarism, taxism, homosexualism and environmentalism.

I cried as patriotic Representative Tom Price asked our temporary "leader" what he should say to his people back home when they ask, "Why didn't you do anything on health care?" Lil Hussein bashed this great man by telling Mr. Price that he's an obstructionist and won't play with him on this Socialistic health care thing. Lil Hussein: YOU LIE, AGAIN!!!!! Mr. Price offered all kinds of market-based solutions to your Socialistic program and YOU SHUT HIM OUT!!!!! Mr. Price told Lil Hussein that insurance companies will offer 3% discounts if their members joined a church. He also told this "stuck-on-stupid" president that if Americans proved their allegiance to our military by supporting patriots like Vice President Richard B. Cheney, they will get a special sticker to put in the back window of their patriotic pickup truck, SUV or minivan. These are solid incentives that will solve this so-called health care crisis. Please, what crisis are we in anyway, Hussein?

Mr. Hussein Nobama, this proves that you are not only a liar, but you're not a Christ-centered individual. You seek to destroy patriots like Rep. Tom Price for your own conceited negligent Marxist agenda!!!! The truth is that your plan will tax us all out of existence and reward deadbeats. This is called massive income redistribution and good folk like me and Tom Price aren't going to let this happen. The truth here, "sir," is that you are taking care of your own lefties who are destroying this once-great and free nation. So, what's Mr. Price to do when you lie and tell everyone that he's done nothing. HUSSSEIN NOBAMA: YOU LIE YOU LIE YOU LIE YOU LIE.

I'm calling on Rep. Boehner to move to a speedy impeachment and removal hearing. If this doesn't happen soon, I urge all Southern Congressmen and Governors to hold an important closed door meeting to make a resolution to move towards secession.

God Bless,


Steve said...

I'm am not a supporter of a redistribution of wealth myself seeing many "deadbeats" taking advantage of the many government programs already in place to help people less fortunate. Shoot that's why Social Security and Medicare are in the shape they are in. What I do not disagree with is all the name calling. Is it possible to be a little more professional, or better yet Christian, and refer to people by their name. Sure we can all disagree with some of the ideas he has come up with seeing as they are liberal ideas and not in the best interest of any person that makes a substantial amount of income, but a person could only be naive to see that he has only the best intentions since he has caused some tensions with his own party.

Bill White-God, Guns, Country and Toby Keith said...

I am right on the money and if it takes a little labeling, so be it. I call it like I see it--there's nothing more Christian than that. Truth in labeling is what Jesus would have wanted for all of us. What's wrong that? If you look through my blog, you will see that I'm always right about how this country needs to return to its Christ-centered roots.