Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Big Court is Right

I just read on my HP here in this shed that the Supreme Court over there in Washington removed restrictions on corporate contributions to candidates. Whoo-hoo!

I'm tired of how far left candidates whine about how they can't raise money. Do you know why they can't raise money? Because they're liberals who wish to destroy American business with high taxes and regulation. What company would want that? It's that simple. Libs can't raise money because their supporters are lazy, shiftless, gov't-dependent folk who never achieved in life. Conservative, God-fearing candidates are able to raise money not only from patriotic corporations, but individuals who achieved in life. Sorry, you far lefty bedwetters: you can't win. The great thing is that the far left Democrat bloodletting that will take place in November, will be even worse than expected. There will probably be enough momentum to begin impeachment hearings on Hussein Nobama and his far left radical agenda. Face it, you dumb "stuck on stupid" Democrats: Game Over. It's time that this once-free nation return from its vacation from history and place leaders in high places who will give us our country back.

The big court made the right decision because there are some smart men who have what is called Common Sense, decency and a dedication to the Bible in which they swore upon to uphold our Constitution. Unfortunately, we have activist Secular Progressive members on the Supreme Court that seriously need to be removed.

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