Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love the sinner

Now, I love the gays because they're part of life. I even like this Elton John fella who I followed for most of my life. I'm just not comfortable with his personal choices and things that he says off the stage - especially about religion. Now, I hear that he has a baby in the house with his "husband."

"But Bill, Elton and his partner are in love and they'll make great parents. You're so ignorant," says any of you secular-progressives out there.

Well, you have a right to express your incorrect feelings and I have a right to express my accurate opinions so help me God!

Like I said a million times before: I'm not politically correct and I could care less. The last time I checked it was supposed to be a free nation whereby I can say what I want so as long as no one gets hurt. Well, I'm here to say that homosexuality is like cannibilism and that's that. I don't need to say any more than that. It's how I feel and it's a centerpiece of my crusade.

Just because Mr. Elton over there in England, Italy or in that secular part of Atlanta has a "husband" who is lean, muscular, tanned with a square jaw and dresses nice, doesn't make him so darn special and doesn't give him the right to say that God is dead. When he says that, he's committing an abomination and ultimately, treason. Now, he's just some guy who sings and plays piano, so he cannot do as much damage as Bawney Frank. But enough folk listen to what he says where he can contribute to moral decay whereby the gays concentrate on decorating their fox holes in the military to putting up those steamy bathhouses where unlimited sexual debauchery happens.

The Lord Almighty will judge Mr. Elton on his actions. We will see how that one turns out.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My guvna

First Miss Sarah. Then Miss Christine. Now it's Haley. I'm sick and tired of the far left mainstream media going after women and men of fine upstanding moral character. All over that Socialist PMSNBC yesterday was trash talk about my governor, the Honorable Governor Haley Barbour. Governor Barbour is a man who believes in faith, family, country and Pat Boone.

How dare those secularists Scarborough and his anti-American friends falsify everything Haley meant. Let me explain you traitors: Governor Barbour and hundreds of others like him in Yazoo City knew from the get-go that the Klan lost its way. WE KNEW THEY WERE WRONG AND WOULD RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN! Guess what? You wouldn't know that by watching PMSNBC!!!!!! All you would get is them saying that Haley and the rest of us in Mississippi are racists. WRONG! Come on down here, Mr. Scarborough and meet Roosevelt, a man of color who I have been proud to call my best friend for over 30 years!!!!! Roosevelt is far more dedicated to the Ronald Reagan legacy than you ever will. Plus, Roosevelt is a God-fearing family man who believes in low/no taxe$, a culture of life, honor, duty, country more than anyone at PMSNBC and FOX News combined!

So Haley was looking at the girls rather than listening to Dr. King. It's nature you moron liberals! I was looking at girls, too. You know who was listening? Roosevelt. Today, Roosevelt carries a lot of what Dr. King said and guess what, you idiots: Roosevelt says that Doctor King would be a conservative these days! YES! Dr. King would be for the FAIR Tax, family values and dollars for the churches.

So, where does anyone get off trashing one of this country's best governors ever? It's because Haley Barbour is a Southern white conservative religious gentleman. THERE'S NOTHING MORE TO EXPLAIN THIS! This fine governor grew our state and has fought for fairer taxation, educational choice, jobs and my rights as a businessman. So, GIVE 'EM HELL, HALEY! RUN FOR PRESIDENT AND ANNOY THE SECULAR FAR LEFT MEDIA THAT WANTS TO DO YOU IN!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why is FOX News Number One?

The dominant liberal media culture has always been around with Communists like Edward "I never met a Pinko that I didn't like" Murrow through the Cronkite and Rather years all the way up to Socialist-Democrat Party members Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.

When Rush brought back talk radio, he created an alternative to this dominant liberal media culture that subverted the country through "investigative reporting." Folk like Roger Ailes took the idea to television and brought it to the masses who realized that there is finally a news outlet that they can identify with and the proof has been in the pudding for over a decade.

It's a fact that this has been a conservative center-right nation from its founding. Over the past 70 years, we have had Hollyweird and the left-wing media shove leftist values down our throats with movies and TV programming filled with the enviro-whackos' view of the world, anti-family values, anti-religiousness, anti-businessism and pro-taxism.

It was a disgrace how the left-wing media viewed conservatives like Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Phyllis Schlafly, Antia Bryant and the Rev. Jerry Falwell while giving the Kennedys, Jimmah Carter, Bill Clinton and now Hussein Obama the star-glitzy Hollyweird royal red carpet treatment.

Finally, FOX News came along and called out the leftists onto their red carpet. Let's look at the results: Most of the sane members of this nation watch FOX News and only the blowhard elites in the Godless Northeast and Left Coast are watching the other cable news nets.

Facts are facts and no one can argue with them. FOX News is THE news leader because they tell the truth and the others have a leftist agenda which is harmful to this once-free nation.

Let's look at the recent election night. Who won? What? I didn't hear you, you stupid secular-progressive September 10th fools! OF COURSE IT WAS FOX! And now FOX will be doing something dynamic that no other network can do: they will be picking the 2012 GOP presidential nominee this upcoming year! Stay tuned and watch this unprecedented phenomenon. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds with Glenn, Sean, Bill O', Greta, Ann, Brian, the Dooce and rest of the gang. Take that, you Godless secular-progressive idiots at the other networks!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I know that y'all know what SCOTUS stands for - The Supreme Court of the United States. I'm here to tell everyone about The New SCOTUS: The Southern Coalition of the United States.

I've been talking about The Southern Coalition for years, but lately, I've seen people giving it a bad rap. Why? They think that the idea is racist. Well, I'm here to tell y'all that the critics are racist. They don't want opportunity for all. They just want handouts for some and those handouts come from the achievers. The Southern Coalition would put an end to all of this nonsense.

Supporters of the Southern Coalition of the United States are not racist by any means. My best friend, Roosevelt is a fine African-American man who is a huge supporter of this coalition idea. WE THE PEOPLE in the South feel that the federal government in Washington has grown way too much and has invaded our decisions down here. This is not about returning to the Confederacy which was right in its day when it came to how the North was using our dollar$ for its own gain. We’re in a similar position today. From Texas to the GA Coast up to Tennessee and down to Louisiana and Florida, we thrive better than the rest of the country. If these great states banded together to say, “We are going to be a force of one where we state the trade issues, currency, health care laws, enviro laws and education.” For far too long, Washington politicians have been dictating a rabidly liberal secular ideals down our throats.

Folk like me and Roosevelt say enough is enough. Enough of Bawney Frank handing out home loans to deadbeats. Enough of Nancy Wiccan Pelosi forcing debauchery down our throats. Enough of Hussein Obama raising taxe$ on us! Enough of Harry Reid telling us that we’re stupid. If you love your state and country, then you would be a supporter of the Southern Coalition of the United States. Am I nuts? I’m nuts about freedom. I’m nuts about jobs. I’m nuts about opportunity. I’m nuts about prosperity for all!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's time for a new president

WE THE PEOPLE are lazy. I'm sorry, I love all of you tea partiers who made the dream of ousting Wiccan Pelosi a reality, but where in the Lord's name are you today?! I'm happy that you're shopping and eating because that expands our free privatized market$, but WHERE IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU?
Do y'all know what I mean? As I said earlier, WE THE PEOPLE took back the House, but we failed in the Senate and we failed in removing Hussein Obama from office. OK, so let's not sit on our rightfully fat conservative duffs! Let's get onto these here computers, phones, faxes, bullhorns and shout it out that we have a lot of work to do!

Now is the time to get a solid Republican candidate out there. I love you Miss Sarah, Governor Romney, Vice President Cheney, Governor Huckabee, but where are you? Y'all can enter the race anytime you want, but I'm calling on the Honorable Herman Cain to jump into the 2012 presidential race RIGHT NOW! Whenever I'm in the truck, I try to get Mr. Cain on the radio or find anything I can on this computer. Who is this man and why should he be running? As you can tell from the picture up top, this is a fine African-American man who just happens to be a solid conservative who is as close to one of my other favorite presidential candidates of all time: Dr. Alan Keyes. My best friend Roosevelt - another fine conservative God-fearing African-American male - talked about this idea until 3 a.m. and we are now going to start the movement to DRAFT HERMAN FOR PRESIDENT!
Every night on his talk show, Herman talks common sense conservative values that at least 95% of Real Americans agree with. This man made a fortune with Godfather's Pizza and I know that this great man can make it into the White House and do the same with America! But no one knows Herman Cain, Bill! SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME AND ROOSEVELT! Just follow our lead and you will see a major transformation in history. Herman Cain can easily tear Hussein Obama to pieces in any debate. Herman Cain will easily dismantle illegal health care! Herman Cain will create jobs and kick the environmental job-destroyers out of the country! Herman Cain will stare down evildoers wherever they exist! Herman Cain is a man, patriot and defender of freedom for all who wish to protect freedom.
For far too long, anti-Americans have been calling the shots and are now confiscating our hard-earned dollar$! NOW IS THE TIME FOR HERMAN CAIN! DRAFT HERMAN NOW!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving

I'm still tasting the fried turkey and cherry pie. I love you Delores White. You make me, Dale and Kyle want to grace this earth for another 100 years. I'm thankful for you and your many curves. Dale and Kyle, you're my boys and I love you, but not in that sissy kind of way. What else do I have to be thankful for? For starters, the Honorable Speaker-in-Waiting Representative John Boehner. Sir, you are going to be like Paul Revere riding into the House to tell everyone one that the liberals and higher taxe$ are coming! Once you fight these weak humans to the death, you will bring back the wholesome qualities that made America great.

WE THE PEOPLE are taking our country back. For far too long, we have been living under the shackles of tyranny and oppresssion in the form of illegal health care, high taxe$, environmentalism and Godlessness. I'm sorry to report that it's not enough to have a Republican House. We need a solid Republican Senate, White House, military and Supreme Court. Only then, will we see our lives improve.

Under Hussein Obama, we are furthering our moral decay. Children are on the pill. Fewer folk are attending church. Marriage is dying on the vine by the minute. Our military is being weakened into a pansy operation by turning it into a social playground experiment. They're going shirtless in the Oval Office-thus disrespecting the office more than Bubba Clinton and Jimmah Carter ever could imagine.

It's gone downhill and getting worse. There will be some relief when the Honorable Mr. Boehner rightfully gets the gavel from that witch in January. But folks, there's a lot more work to be done. First off, WE THE PEOPLE need to hold the Republicans accountable. If they cannot control out-of-control spending, then fire them and replace them with real Republicans. Next, we need to work hard to oust every single rotten Democrat out of their jobs. I don't care if it's in Liberal California or Taxachusetts, WE THE PEOPLE can prevail! While all that's going on, WE THE PEOPLE need to get a solid presidential candidate out of the gate and fast! Will it be Mitt Romney? Miss Sarah? Mr. Cheney? Mr. Rumsfeld? Gov. Pawlenty? Let's get this thing started, folks!

So, I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. Now, ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS! WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The November Bloodbath

It is November 1 - one day before WE THE PEOPLE take our country back! I'm going to spare anyone with predictions and write what should happen. Since this dumb secular progressive incompetent September 10th McFly "president' likes to go on TV all the time talking and talking and talking, I'm going to write what he should say on November 3rd in an address to the once-free nation:

My fellow Americans,
Yesterday you have spoken. You have told me that you have rejected my far-left wing agenda filled with illegal health care, weak borders, a tanking economy, secularism, debauchery and a general hate for what made America great.
Effective noon tomorrow, me and my vice-president will resign our offices. The Honorable Speaker-in-Waiting John Boehner may leave his post to assume the presidency. I will hand all of my materials over to this great man who I know will clean up the mess that I created.
Mr. Boehner, you will be sworn in at 12:01 p.m. Eastern Time. At that moment, you will correctly recite the Oath and immediately create jobs, institute a culture of life, make us safe and bring God back into every crevice in America.
At 1 p.m., me and my entire administration will be handcuffed and loaded onto a plane to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where we will stand trial for shoving a radical agenda down the throats of all Americans.
I now realize that I damaged the economy worse than any other president in our history. I now realize that I put this nation at risk. I now realize that I am worse than President Grant, Wilson, Roosevelt, Jimmah and Bubba combined.
I now realize that I sold my country out to the jihadists.
Allah Akhbar,
Hussein Obama

You see, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda has officially failed. This election was a referendum on it and WE THE PEOPLE are now in charge.

God Bless and Amen,
Bill Orvis White

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ode to Glenn

Glenn Beck is a modern-day Paul Revere who, instead of riding on a horse, is on a patriotic newschannel, warning Americans of the impending doom of Hussein Obama's radical and reckless liberal agenda.

Fortunately, there are enough patriots who are listening to Glenn's common sense presentations.

The results of Glenn's hard work will show up on the morning of November 3, 2010 when folk like me get to take their country back.

Take the country back? From what, Glenn and Bill? Here's our answer: We are taking our country back from those who hate it including HUSSEIN OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, HARRY REID, BARNEY FRANK AND RICHARD DAWSON!

When the Honorable Rep. Boehner takes the gavel from that lesbian Communist witch Pelosi, a fleet of F150s will descend upon Washington honking horns with patriots in them screaming for joy! Toby will be singing about rightfully putting a boot in their assess and Glenn, yes Glenn will have a statue erected next to the Washington monument. What? A monument? Yes, a monument, because history will say that Glenn Beck saved this nation from the tyranny of a Godless Kenyan Muslim plant and his filthy helpers in the media and in Washington!

If you read enough of what I put out there on the Internets, I talk a lot about Christian religious freedom. I just went over to this Townhall site and what I read shocked me. Many gays are bashing Christians. This is what I'm talking about people. If you don't believe me, go on over to the eye-popping article.

Friday, October 15, 2010


It's official. We The People in the Tea Party are going to win enough seats to begin the challenge to stop Obamacare! When I heard this, I nearly spit out Delores' cherry pie this morning! Delores says that I have a certain kick in my step and around 9 a.m. I may put off a few calls to spend some time with my bride upstairs if you know what I mean.

I think somehow I made a difference by telling people here in town, at church, at all the rallies about how Hussein Obama is a Kenyan Muslim plant who is hellbent on destroying our free markets to make way for Sharia Law in this country.

Now, I'm hearing and reading that states rights is going to be healthy, strong and ready to fight Obamacare which means this Socialistic plan will fail miserably - giving We The People time to inform our honorably elected congressmen the time and resources to start impeachment hearings.

In a very short time, We The People will get to choose our schools, doctors and F150s that patriotically consume patriotic oil. Taxe$ will be low or non-existent and just about everything will be privatized except for my aunt's Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and any other assistance that her hard-working husband (who went to Georgia Tech on the GI Bill) earned, dammit!

My dreams are finally coming true and it's because more folk are listening to me. Amen and God Bless!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jimmah and Billy Got Us Here

How did we end up here? We ended up here because of Jimmah Carter (not my president). Jimmah couldn't stare down the Iranians who ran all over him. It wasn't until the Honorable President Ronald Wilson Reagan took over and immediately the jihadists went home and we then went into the longest period of economic expansion in peaceful times. It remained peaceful because the world feared us with our expanding patriotic military. That Libyan dictator thought he could stand up to us, but President Reagan stared him down! Now look-that Libyan dictator is now our friend because he couldn't handle the U.S. Then, look at that Communist Gorbachev. Reagan firmly shook his hand and said that he could take them out within minutes with his cache of patriotic nuke weapons.

Over the years there was this Saddam fella who sat on our patriotic oil. One day he decided to take over a friendly Arab country next door where we got our oil. It was President Reagan's friend the Honorable President HW Bush who stared Saddam down and took him out in weeks. Unfortunately Bubba Clinton took over and didn't pay any attention to Saddam who started a nuke program while Bubba was engaging in the sex with that Hebrew girl and other call girls. Now, we're paying the price for Bubba's many mistakes. The twin towers are down because of Bubba and so is our economy.

So, in recent memory We The People must hold Jimmah, Bubba and now Hussein Obama accountable. They are responsible for lost lives and jobs.

Here we are in 2010:

Thank the Lord for FOX News, talk radio and the Tea Party which keeps Big Gov't in check. These three branches of our society are needed now more than ever.

Under Hussein Obama, We the People now have record deficits and unemployment at levels that we have never seen before. Is Lil Hussein doing anything about the mess he got us into? NO! He's fixated on FOX News and Sean Hannity's Hummer. This is the most incompetent, arrogant, selfish "president" in history in which the media drools over.

It's high time to cut taxes and Big Gov't spending, but my Lord please keep your hands off of my Bush-era tax rates, capital gains, small business tax credits, my aunt's Social Security checks, Medicare and Medicaid. Also, please increase the size and scope of our churches and patriotic military.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long

I first got to know about the Honorable Bishop Eddie Long by way of a trip that Roosevelt and I took to Atlanta about eight years ago. Roosevelt didn't tell me a word about where he was taking me so the whole thing was a surprise. All I remember is that when we got to the Atlanta area, Roosevelt took the wheel of my 150 and headed to this big ole new-fangled church. We went in and here was this massive hulking good looking fella with smooth dark skin who firmly gripped my hand and welcomed me into his house of worship. Before we knew it, we were in a back room in intense Bible study quoting scripture about how God and Sweet Baby Jesus fought for the traditional family unit. It started to get hot in that back room after three hours of reading and discussing so Bishop Long took off his shirt and exposed to us his massive girth. Roosevelt did the same. After they looked at each other, the Bishop and Roosevelt told me to study alone for two hours while they would discuss the scriptures just between two black men.

When they came back to the room, we talked some more about how important it is for the man to be the head of the household.
"When you tell your wife to make cheesey grits for you, you don't just ask," the Bishop said. "YOU TELL HER TO MAKE YOU CHEESEY GRITS!"
"Wow, that was powerful, Bishop," I replied.
"You can call me Daddy," the Bishop said, as he reached over to my tool belt and grabbed one of my plumber's wrenches.
"You see this here wrench," the Bishop said. "This represents the monument to the man!"
"I use that there wrench for everything," I said.
"I can tell, Bill. Now, why don't you come over here and show me how well you use that wrench," the Bishop said.
At this point, I have to cut the story off, but the main thing here is that the liberal media is unnecessarily going after the Honorable Bishop Eddie Long-a man of virtue, integrity, honor and most of all, God. You see that there picture up there with my president? It shows you that with the new Republican Congress ready to take control and Bishop Eddie Long winning his lawsuits, that the United States of America will once-again be a clean, honorable, Christ-centered nation.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Anti-Colonialist-in-Chief

This Dinesh D'Souza fella is a great hero of mine. He is coming out with a book that explains Hussein Obama's far left radical thinking. A little bit of the book was put in this magazine called Forbes and another hero of mine, the Honorable Speaker Newt Gingrich made some comments about the article. Both Newt and Dinesh are 100 percent correct. In the Islamist world, it’s the father’s seed that dictates the son’s character, behaviors and actions. With Hussein Obama, it is he who inherited his father’s anti-colonialist/pro-Kenyan views.

If any journalist out there bothered to find the truth, he would discover that this is normal in Kenya where Hussein Obama was born in the early 1960s.

Anti-colonialist/pro-Kenyan views were always taught in Kenya’s madrassahs (schools) in which Hussein Obama attended and then transferred over to in Indonesia.

Many accounts say that Hussein Obama’s father left him early, but true research reveals that his father was in his life as well as scores of Socialist, Communist and Marxist professors and mentors. Some of these mentors were known terrorists. Take for instance Mohammed Aktar Abdul Malik, a French-Polynesian homosexual, Communist teacher who taught over a million children in the main madrassah (where Lil Hussein really went to school) during his time in Indonesia from 1935-1983. Malik hatched a plan with Lil Hussein to one day blend into the evil West. Lil Hussein, Malik and a man by the name of Aquir Lehasha Mokhtar, one of the first al-Qaeda leaders under Usama bin Laden, raised money through several blind terror organizations to fund Lil Hussein's 30-year-plan which started with moving to Chicago and entering the Socialist schools and finally, the evil Democrat machine there. We all know the rest of the story from there. The problem is that now we have a plant at the head of our government and mark my words, the jihadist revolt will reach our shores very soon.

It’s about time that someone like Dinesh touched on this all-important fact. I look forward to the full book on this subject and perhaps, the American people will wake up and see how they were duped by Hussein Obama and his supporters.

More importantly, this is damning information that needs to be leveled against this “man” and “his” installed administration. This is what We The People mean when we say that we are taking our country back from a "man" who was only a failed weak community organizer.

Friday, September 10, 2010

You dumb September 10th McFlys!

I honor this day to you dumb secular progressive liberals who on this day nine years ago, haven't changed your stupid brains. You all act as if no one stormed our airspace to perform the deadliest act on our soil. On this day only nine years ago, Saddam Hussein was plotting his heinous Godless act on us and what were you dumb liberals doing? You all were sitting on your skinny duffs drinking fine wine and coffee while the jihadists are preparing to invade us. Mark my words, this will happen again, only worse. You all haven't learned a thing since September 11th. That is why I call you September 10th secular progressive liberal McFlys who support dumb Democrat candidates and incumbents. You are all a worse threat to America's freedom and survival than dictators like Hussein.

Now we have our own Hussein, a man who hates the white folk and America. It's a fact, so don't even try to argue with me on that point. Hussein Obama hates America and wishes to turn it into a Euro-Secular "utopia" whereby the big gov't does everything from provide subpar health care to wiping every citizen's (legal and illegal)bottom.

What's going to happen? Well, I'll tell you all what's going to happen. There will be a bloodbath in November whereby that ugly Wiccan Speaker of the House will get on her broom and fly quickly back to the secular left coast where "she" belongs. Brain damaged Harry Reid will be shipped off to a mental institution where he belongs. Where will Hussein Obama go? He will go into hiding as the new Congress comes after him for being the most un-American "leader" that ever "managed" a nation.

You September 10th secular progressive liberal McFlys are going to lose so bad this November, the Honorable Speaker of the House Jonathan Boehner will personally stub his cigarettes in each and every one of your Godless faces.

So, I write on the eve of this important anniversary to remind everyone why our fighting men are fighting over there before the jihadists try to fight us over here again. We are over there to spread freedom! Freedom for all!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waving the white flag

So Lil Hussein was on my TV the other night saying that combat operations have ended in Iraq. Here are some basic facts that September 10th secular progressive Democrats just don't get:

1. We're safer with Saddam Hussein gone.

2. We now have access to precious oil that gets SPs (secular progressives) from their visits to the bathouses over to their expensive coffee shops where they buy $5.00 lattes. That in itself is against God and Sweet Baby Jesus - it's a fact, don't argue with me and watch what you're saying.

3. Liberals are able to engage in false drivel on the Internet because our fighting men are fighting the jihadists over there before they storm Battery Park, tackle them and try convert or simply behead them.

4. Hussein Obama's waving the white flag of surrender. Now, the entire world hates and disrespects us (who cares about France-well, I do care about their patriotic nuclear energy-the rest we can forget about). Under my president-the Honorable Pres. George W. Bush, the world respected us because that rightful administration stared down the evildoers.

5. IRAN-They have the bomb and what's Lil Hussein doing about it? Nothing! It will take the Hebrews to end that dictator's nuke dreams.

6. ECONOMY-This is all Lil Hussein's fault. I'm a broken record now, but this installed "president" wrecked this economy with his huge tax increases and outrageous health care boondoggle. Yes, I said, "boondoggle!" So many are out of work because Hussein Obama destroyed this once-free nation with his far left radical ideas.

7. We're better off with a free Iraq. During the Bubba Clinton years, the people of Iraq were under a dictator! Now, they are free because of our fighting strong men and a strong military that was built up by President George W. Bush!

This war on terror was the right thing to do and George W. Bush will go down in history as doing the right thing. In 50 years, He will be remembered as this country's best president! How do I know? Because Dennis Miller said so. Freedom will spread through the entire Middle East and Southwest Asia because of the tough choices George W. Bush made. This freedom will spread like the kudzu that is growing my aunt's backyard.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beck and call to the Capitol

Hello all!

I just got back from Washington and I feel revived. Glenn was completely amazing as he stirred up the crowd with his beautiful speech. Sarah looked more gorgeous than ever. It was a day of inspiration as speaker after speaker reminded us that this nation's fabric has been torn apart by leftists who are hellbent on turning us into a land of big government-dependent bed-wetting Marxists.

Roosevelt and myself jumped on a Greyhound filled with Tea Party Patriots. The church on wheels steamed through the fruited plain only to be greeted by thousands of other patriots for a weekend of prayer, love and outrage. This weekend only told me what I already knew: this November will be a bloobath for ultra-leftwing nutcases who will experience serious tough love as they will see their handouts immediately end and righteous folk like us will take our country back!

There was one woman from Kentucky who took my breath away. She's 82-year-old Bonnie who grew up kinda like me in a 1/2-room schoolhouse with a coal-fired burner, wooden desk made from nearby trees and a lady from the town who was teacher and ruled with a Bible and iron paddle.

I also met Gary from Michigan who has lived in Stupak Shakur's district for years. Gary's been out of work for 8 years because of Hussein Obama's jobs-killing pro-Socialist agenda. Some stupid secular progressive protester butted in and pointed out to me that Gary lost his job during the Honorable President George W. Bush's successful regime. I told the secular progressive that it's still Hussein Obama's fault because this administration hates business and Christianity and that's the end of the story, don't argue with a fact.

Bonnie and me both talked and prayed for hours about how this country went downhill the second Hussein Obama screwed up the Oath. I shed so many tears with this fine woman who I ended up calling "Mama" before the day was done.

Next to the time I went to Atlanta for the Tea Party protest a year-and-a-half ago, this was one of the best weekends that I ever had.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Georgia governor contest

My aunt up near Brasstown in North Georgia has been there her whole life. From time to time, I write about what's going on in the Peach State. This year, they're picking a new governor. It's between a has-been Democrat Roy Barnes versus the Honorable Representative Nathan Deal. Why should I care who my aunt votes for since I live in Mississippi? Well, I think all these great Southern states have a lot in common -- so much so they ought to form something I would call: The Southern Coalition. The Southern Coalition of the United States of America would be a self-sufficient governing body that would decide on its own trade, water issues and social issues. These Southern states could come together to say NO to the gay agenda, NO to Socialized health care, NO to high taxe$ and so forth.

Back to Georgia: The choice here is easy: the Honorable Rep. Nathan Deal is the clear choice to put Georgia on the right track. With so much moray decay in our society, hard-working men like Mr. Deal need to be in top jobs like governor to lead and inspire the people to become God-fearing, self-sufficient, responsible human beings who care about a culture of life. Why would any human being vote for someone like Roy Barnes? I just don't understand it. "Mr." Barnes is one small part of a huge problem that has enveloped this country since the early 1960s when God was kicked out of the schools. Every since that time, so many "men" like "Mr." Barnes have taken the once-free nation hostage and led it down the path to debauchery and Godlessness.
The easy choice here is Representative Nathan Deal, a man of integrity, honor, patriotism and most of all, God.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Protecting traditional marriage

So I read with great disappointment that this activist judge in California overturned Proposition 8 which protects traditional marriage. A lot of you secular progressives are jumping for joy that this judge was appointed by a respectable legitimate conservative president. Well, sometimes folks that I admire, make mistakes and this is the best example.
While I knew about and respected this judge, he's dead-wrong and stuck-on-stupid. For this decision, he will be greeted by Lucifer in the fiery pits of Hell for opening up the floodgates to unlimited, unnatural debauchery to spread across the fruited plain like poisonous cloned locusts.

Attention Judge Walker, you will be judged by The Lord Almighty who will forever banish your filthy soul along with Wiccan Speaker Pelosi, Brain-Damaged Reid and Hussein Obama to the bowels of evil that no man has ever known.

I don't mean anyone any harm nor do I condone harm in any way. I love the judge, but he will have to answer to a higher power for his actions.

Friday, July 2, 2010

If I were elected president

If I were elected president, I would propose to end the entire illegal stimulus program, unemployment "benefits," Socialistic health care, Medicare, Medicaid, road "projects" and anything other unnecessary big gov't program.

OK, now that's that done, let's take the money to pay off the multi-trillion dollar debt incurred by Barack Hussein Obama. Next, direct discretionary funding to what government does best: defense. Save any monies left over.

"What? Are you crazy, Bill?"

Yes, I'm crazy about the private sector creating jobs on its own. I'm crazy about the church helping out the needy. I'm crazy about individuals buying their own health care. I'm crazy about free markets. I'm crazy about defending our interests around the world. I'm crazy about protecting our borders and for those who get in, let's put them to work in our military because we are all over the world spreading freedom. Those illegals who got through the fence are good people who can be taught how to protect us. Heck, they can even be paid to protect the very borders they breached and even put them to work in privatized jails.

With all of those monies freed up, we can put every man to work. Where will the ladies go? Well, we can keep them at home to raise our children and all of them can become home schoolers or they can teach in locally-created charter schools. If we followed my plan, America could be free again, but no, we decide to vote for the far-left in this country, thus ruining it.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some people stand up

Most days I have lost hope for this once-free nation no matter how much I pray for her future. Then along comes a heartwarming story like this from North Carolina. Let me write this because it empowers me every single time I type it out on this here keyboard, The United States of America is One Nation Under God.

The Founders of this once-free nation believed in a higher power who preached the power of attending church, self-reliance and the ability to tell others what to do with their lives and bodies for the greater good of country.

That there billboard in North Carolina deserved to be defaced because these Atheists are Communists who wish to destroy this nation's freedom to worship wherever one might wish to worship. They also wish to invade our homes in order to take our weaponry, canned ham, Toby Keith CDs and copies of The Limbaugh Letter.

These patriots did the right thing. God Bless them.


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wedding Planner, Rush-style

It's obvious that these two are invited over for prayer and pie. I congratulate Rush for finding such a beautiful woman. God is definitely watching over you, Rush and guess what, you deserve it. You pulled yerself up by the jockstrap to get where you are today. You battled the Dominant Liberal Media Culture to tell the country the truth.
Look at ya! You get the last laugh! Those miserable far-lefties must be crying right now.
God Bless you, sir.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

They're surrounded

They're surrounded. The Hebrews are surrounded by jihadists who wish to destroy them. So, is it any wonder that Israel made a move on an unidentified ship near the land that they deserve to enjoy to live upon? Yes, I say. Is anyone with me on this? Certainly not Hussein Obama, who is a plant that will overthrow the once-free nation of the United States of America. Who does Israel have? Do they really have the support of Great Britain? Only time will tell with that new conservative fella in there, but I don't know. What they should know is that they have folk like me to support their right to exist. I take a lot of heat on this around my hometown here in Mississippi so Israel is part of my crusade. I teach the other folk around town and at church that we need Israel. They're the ones who can root out the jihadists because they're closest to them. That's why I always tell my Hebrew friends that they need to go back to the motherland to fight the filth that might push their relatives out to the sea. One day, all the Hebrews will return to this sacred motherland and hopefully invade all of the areas around the country to turn it into a modern Hebrew area. Just imagine if that could happen.

Why are these humanitarian flotillas coming in? I know the answer. They want to kill Israelis-pure and simple. So, what should happen? Yes, Israel has a right to defend herself - especially while this War on Terror (which will last forever) carries on. Now I am hearing that more countries are sending in flotillas. I say Israel should stand up to the world and attack these vessels with everything they have in their arsenals including nuclear weaponry. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. That is a lie spread by secularists, intellectuals, homosexuals and this disgraceful installed-president. So, I have no problem if Israel and her allies attack anything that looks like a flotilla in that beautiful sea which belongs to Israel.

Israel is the key to the United States' and her allies' survival. If we don't have Israel, we will certainly be at risk for a jihadist takeover. That's why it's important to build underground bunkers stocked with necessary items including canned food and a large cache of weapons.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love oil

I love oil. There, I said it and it feels good. Oil makes common sense. Wind, solar? What? Gimme a break. Let's be real here, you dumb Secular Progressive Enviro-whimps. You see that bird up there covered in it. It's not sad. It's the sign of freedom. In fact, we should think about replacing the eagle with this fella.

"Bill, you're an honorable man who goes by the Good Book word for word," you might say. "How can you be so insensitive to a poor little bird."

"Guess what, you idiot...birds have meat and in this photo, there's meat under that patriotic oil!" I say!

I know in my heart and mind that Lil Hussein, that despicable self-installed president of this once-free nation conspired with you dumb enviro-whackos to puncture this patriotic oil rig. I know it! Don't question me! I read enough to know that that Communistic group Greenpeace is behind this disaster. They wanted to do this with Lil Hussein to stop the Drill Baby Drill program instituted by my vice president, the Honorable Richard B. Cheney and his patriotic co-workers.

Time will prove that Bill White is right. Bill White was right about The Surge. Bill White was right about the patriotic tax cuts instituted by my president, the Honorable George W. Bush. It's just that Mr. Bush lost his way on very few things like giving seniors health care -- I think that his daddy (who also lost his way) made W do that one. Other than that, the bad economy was Jimmah, Bubba and Lil Hussein's faults.

Any way, oil is here to stay, you enviro-psychos. My 150 loves the oil just as must as that bird up there loves being covered in it. That's one patriotic bird which symbolizes the hard work that patriotic BP is doing for us. Sure, the Feds cannot cap off the oil spew because they can't do it! It's the private sector that can do these things. Government should just be Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and nuclear-proof museums that house Toby Keith and NASCAR memorablia.

God Bless,

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Communist Neighbor and other thoughts

Why should this homosexual woman be dropped from the Supreme Court nomination? Because Newt said so.

My far left liberal neighbor Jared from New York said, "Why do you believe everything Newt Gingrich has to say?"
I said, "Newt knows everything, you Stuck-On-Stupid Democrat from the Godless Northeast who lost all his money on Wall Street and is now stuck in Mississippi with his wife who makes all the money in the house."

OK, maybe I was tough on Liberal Jared, but hey, someone's gotta try to make a man out of him. I mean, I respect the man who worked so hard with all of the other men on Wall Street to make money, but it's like Jared now has no manliness in him. His wife Sharon is a nurse and is the breadwinner. That's wrong. She should be home teaching the five kids they should have had by now.

Anyway, Newt knows everything. Why? Because and that's all I have to say. Well, Newt changed the way Washington did business when Bubba was in the White House messing things up with his job and in his pants. If Newt actually got Bubba to leave town and he took charge, then I know the World Trade Center towers would still be standing today.

Now, onto this homosexual woman that Hussein Obama wants on the Sup Ct. Newt says that she's anti-military because she wouldn't let patriotic recruiters who I see at the mall all the time -- onto that elitist Harvard campus in the Godless Northeast. Oh my Lord is this "woman" just plain dumb! Let me see: the honorable U.S. military wants to make men out of a bunch of pencil neck geeks who read books and this "woman" doesn't want that to happen? Yes, Newt, that is anti-military! We need to find a way to stop this madness!

Here I am in my shed crying for what was once a great nation that had a great military and now we are weakenining it with social engineering nonsense! I pray that the Honorable Senator Orrin Hatch becomes a new firewall to stop this woman.

Thank God for Newt Gingrich for talking common sense.
I wish Newt could meet my Communist neighbor and talk some sense into him, but for now, Jared has me. I'm sure I can fix Jared just like a stuck valve.

God Bless, Bill

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I must say something

OK, I know it's been a while since I posted here. With the Twitterin' and posting on other blogs, I found that I haven't been here in a while. Lately, I have had way too much to say. Delores thinks I need a good fishing trip to my aunt's in Georgia, but it's too hard to just set here and do nothing.

Where do I start? Lil Hussein is up to his old tricks again by starting an oil spill so that we cannot drill here, drill now. Anyone who knows how good companies like patriotic BP and Halliburton are, knows that they don't make mistakes like that-no sir. Companies with hard working men like them have the latest in drilling technology to get the resources that we need to power up this once-free nation. You see, it's such a joke when Lil Hussein and his tree hugger radical supporters talk about wind farms and solar panels. Those dang things never worked. I remember back in the day when I was on the drug and drink, Jimmah Carter tried that solar thing at the White House - what a joke. Now his Islamic parter-in-crime is doing the same thing, but much worse this time by causing an oil spill and then doing nothing about it. I pray that the Honorable Mr. Boehner, the Honorable Mitch McConnell and Dennis Miller investigate Lil Hussein's misdeeds in the Gulf.

OK, then we have this Times Square bomber. Look at how stuck-on-stupid September 10th Secular Progressive Democratic McFlys in Godless New York and Washington acted. They said that they thwarted this dirty jihadist: WRONG! Tell us the truth! Tell us the truth! You morons cannot admit that this cousin of Hussein Obama's from Pakistan was within seconds of blowing up most of New York City! Now, I feel for you New Yorkers after 9-11 and all, but folk like Bill Orvis White will not save you when the jihadist storm Battery Park and take y'all over! No sir, because I'll be saving Mississippi from my bunker filled with canned pork 'n beans, gold, water, weapons and Sean Hannity tapes.

When will y'all get it? I don't think you ever will! We are living in dangerous times and this installed-president is having a party!

I have been calling for this "man" to be removed. Will anyone out there join me? He's an Indonesian Kenyan-born jihadist plant who will have these dirty disgusting filthy people take over America. Very soon, we will be speaking Arabic and taking off time for Ramadan in our gov't-run schools.

America, wake up!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tax Time

Here we are in April as patriots and Socialists alike give Washington their dollars. The patriots are informed by watching FOX News and reading the National Enquirer. The Socialists are naive about how their dollars - whether earned or given to them - are spent by crooked Democrats in Congress. It is a fact that Republicans are smart and Democrats are stuck on stupid.

I cried as I figured out my taxe$ on the ole HP in this here shed. If you hear the rumbling under yer feet, it's either the patriotic Tea Partiers marching into town squares across the fruited plain to protest big gov't or it's the Founding Fathers literally rolling in their graves. Those decent men who drew up that document would be in major depression if they saw what today's leaders have done to the Constitution. Nowhere does it say that government ought to provide health care, jobs and money! Nowhere! Don't tread on me! Don't take my hard-earned dollars! I cannot create jobs in my business if Hussein Nobama is taxing and regulating me out of existence. I have to spend more time in this here shed figuring out all of that paperwork. I say, "Hell NO!" and "No more!"

Let the bloodbath begin whereby We The People take back Washington to its rightful owners who are us!

I plan to hop into the 150 to attend these rallies. Yes, I'll lose some business. I have Pedro as my apprentice who can take over on some jobs. But, it's worth every dime lost!

I'll see y'all at the rallies!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The 535 Project

Glenn has his 9/12 Project so I got to thinking. I want to expand my crusade to this year's elections for Congress. My goal is to flush out every single "Stuck On Stupid" far left Secular Progressive Democrat from the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. I'm calling this The 535 Project whereby folk like Bill White work in every corner and crevice in this nation to flush out anyone who says that he's a Democrat. I know that this is "doable" because the majority of this country thinks like I do. I'm a great role model for this kind of project because I'm a hardcore busy businessman who makes the time for family, prayer and most of all, politics. Folks, we must be involved. Otherwise the Secular Progressive morons will take over and force Big Gov't Health Care, Crap and Trade, Secularism and debauchery down our throats. This is a Conservative Nation that cares about life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness. Some will say that this is impossible. I tell them that they're naive. We can have an all-Republican Congress that embraces a pro-life, pro-business, pro-growth, anti-regulation, anti-environmentalism agenda. Please come join me, Bill Orvis White in the patriotic 535 Project NOW!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Remembering 30 years ago today

I'm Bill Orvis White. It was 30 years ago today on a cold Mississippi night when my buddies and me were drinking too much whiskey. Jebby, Crawford and me were in my daddy's old hangar at a table swigging the bad juice while playing with pistols and saying nasty things. We had the Skynyrd blasting as we then-bearded long haired Southern outcasts shot at beer cans while being mad at the world. We didn't care about nothing. Daddy hated me. Mama was disappointed. My childhood friend Roosevelt, my ole African-American friend who was always on the straight and narrow, was disgusted with how I turned out. In those days, I mocked him for his big ole hair (we all looked funnier in those days than we do now) and he just walked away from me muttering what a disgrace Bill Orvis White is to the state of Mississippi and the world. There I was with my ponytail, Billy Beer hat, torn jeans and flannel looking pathetic. It was Jebby's idea to hop into Daddy's 150 to get even more of the Devil's drink. As "Ramblin' Man" was blasting on the truck's speakers with the gun rack rattling, I spun out on Old Highway 49 into a ditch. It wasn't a deer in the headlights. There wasn't any ice. It was stupid ole me behind the wheel with too much whiskey in my system as I spun this beauty of a truck into a ditch. It seemed like that spin-out was lasting forever as we screamed and screamed. I think we were upside down the whole time! When we landing, I thought it was all over. I was blinded by lights as a figured came towards me. He had longer hair and an even bigger beard than me. This man helped me out as he mumbled something in Spanish. Somehow this savior pulled me and my buddies to safety. Then, he disappeared into the cold Mississippi night never to be seen again. I think we all fell asleep and were found hours later in the wee hours. Sheriff Jackson called Daddy to get me in the hospital as I was laying there recovering with one arm in handcuffs. When I was in that bed crying, I felt the lowest in my life. Just as the Sheriff, doctors and nurses left the room, Daddy took his huge thick belt out and whupped me for 2 hours. That man was sick of me as I was sick of him in my teens and twenties. When it was all over, Daddy made me live in the hangar for two years. During that time, I discovered that it was Sweet Baby Jesus that pulled me from that wreckage. It took me some time, but I pulled myself together. By the way, it was in that small Mississippi hospital where I met my future beautiful bride, Delores Johnson. At first she thought I was a vile piece of white trash (yep, literally with my last name and all). But as she gave me sponge baths, she saw that she could fix me. So, along with the fact that Jesus saved me, so was Delores Johnson. Very soon, I went to Aimco Technical Institute where I found out that I could become a dang good plumber and even got into writing letters. I thought reading was for feminine-looking men from New York City, but recently, I think that's OK with this Internets thing where anyone can read the truth about Secular Progressive, intellectuals and homosexuals. I'm still with my buddies Jebby and Chase who did OK themselves, but joke on me about how I'm on a crusade and into doing this blog thing. I can take it because it is in Hebrews 32:11 where it says, "He who stands up to mocking in His fight for family values, becomes a stronger man."
Stay here and keep reading. My story and crusade is far, far from over.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

He always lies

This Internet things can be a bad and good thing. It's bad because too many seculars get on here shouting about how great it is to drink, do drugs and have homosexual "sex." When I come across such disgusting filth, I pray and cry every single dang time.

The good thing about this Web contraption with all of its pipes is that there are God-fearing Christians like me to fight the far left. This week proves it. Barack Hussein Nobama, our installed illegitimate president who is taking a vacation from history by killing this once-free country, decided to have a meeting with our patriotic self-reliant Republicans. Lil Hussein crashed their party which was going quite well as the Honorable Representative John Boehner was putting down his credit card for a new home tanning machine and a year's supply of patriotic Marlboro cigarettes.

There came Lil Hussein with his fancy Kenyan Muslim (non oil-producing Muslim type) swagger and took to their patriotic podium to chastise these wholesome patriots for doing their duty to Real America--which is by saying NO to big government-run health care, Socialism, secularism, anti-militarism, taxism, homosexualism and environmentalism.

I cried as patriotic Representative Tom Price asked our temporary "leader" what he should say to his people back home when they ask, "Why didn't you do anything on health care?" Lil Hussein bashed this great man by telling Mr. Price that he's an obstructionist and won't play with him on this Socialistic health care thing. Lil Hussein: YOU LIE, AGAIN!!!!! Mr. Price offered all kinds of market-based solutions to your Socialistic program and YOU SHUT HIM OUT!!!!! Mr. Price told Lil Hussein that insurance companies will offer 3% discounts if their members joined a church. He also told this "stuck-on-stupid" president that if Americans proved their allegiance to our military by supporting patriots like Vice President Richard B. Cheney, they will get a special sticker to put in the back window of their patriotic pickup truck, SUV or minivan. These are solid incentives that will solve this so-called health care crisis. Please, what crisis are we in anyway, Hussein?

Mr. Hussein Nobama, this proves that you are not only a liar, but you're not a Christ-centered individual. You seek to destroy patriots like Rep. Tom Price for your own conceited negligent Marxist agenda!!!! The truth is that your plan will tax us all out of existence and reward deadbeats. This is called massive income redistribution and good folk like me and Tom Price aren't going to let this happen. The truth here, "sir," is that you are taking care of your own lefties who are destroying this once-great and free nation. So, what's Mr. Price to do when you lie and tell everyone that he's done nothing. HUSSSEIN NOBAMA: YOU LIE YOU LIE YOU LIE YOU LIE.

I'm calling on Rep. Boehner to move to a speedy impeachment and removal hearing. If this doesn't happen soon, I urge all Southern Congressmen and Governors to hold an important closed door meeting to make a resolution to move towards secession.

God Bless,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry State of the Union

I viewed the Lil Hussein "speech" last night with my usual disgust. No, the cherry pie was not thrown at my 19-incher TV in this here shed. I had some restraint. If anyone followed my tweets, some of this is old news.

Where do I start? Lil Hussein put on the worst speech in the history of this once-free land. He is by far the worst president that this entire world has seen - pure and simple. The Community-Organizer-In-Chief (with still no experience) wrote the worst anti-free market/pro-Socialistic speech in the history of mankind. Every disgusting word is based in lies and Godlessness. There was no mention about going after the jihadists and preserving a culture of life. The whole rotten thing was about how he wants to control your life from your health care to education to what government agency you should work for.

The only time my blood wasn't boiling was when I saw He-man John Boehner on my TV. That man is the future and I cannot wait to see how he fights the liberal troika of Wiccan Pelosi, Brain-Damaged Reid and Nobama in the next year. But, my friends, there is a lot of work to do and I intend to strengthen my crusade against Godlessness and Socialism. I will write my Congressmen about how this administration is further destroying our Republic. I for one, WANT MY COUNTRY BACK! Yes, it has been taken away, hijacked by the far left pro-terrorist elements of our society.

Here's my suggestion on what Lil Hussein should have said and it would have only taken may 10 minutes:

I, Barack Hussein Obama, will resign the office of the presidency effective noon tomorrow. I will also ask my Godless Vice President, the Dishonorable Joseph C. (Communist) Biden, Wiccan installed-Speaker Pelosi, Brain-Damaged Harry Reid, my cabinet and every "Stuck on Stupid" Democrat in the House and Senate to do the same. I will call on either the Honorable Governor Palin or Huckabee to assume the role of President of the United States of America whereby a culture of life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness will prevail! We will place God-fearing conservative folk in the House and Senate where they will kill the Socialistic health care plan as well as the dumb jobs bill that I proposed. Next, they will slash taxes and institute the FAIRTax - which is OK, but still might not be enough to stimulate the economy that I wrecked. When I board the government-paid chopper at 12:15pm on January 28, 2010, I will direct the pilot to take me to Guantanamo Prison where I will become a prisoner and allow myself to be waterboarded along my fellow jihadists by the Honorable Richard B. Cheney. I admit that I was a plant-someone ready to overtake this once-free country and turn it into a weak Socialistic nation that is about to lose the important Global War on Terror-which is a war that last forever according to the Honorable Donald Rumsfeld who will re-assume his position as Defense Secretary.

Praise Allah,
Barack Hussein Obama

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Big Court is Right

I just read on my HP here in this shed that the Supreme Court over there in Washington removed restrictions on corporate contributions to candidates. Whoo-hoo!

I'm tired of how far left candidates whine about how they can't raise money. Do you know why they can't raise money? Because they're liberals who wish to destroy American business with high taxes and regulation. What company would want that? It's that simple. Libs can't raise money because their supporters are lazy, shiftless, gov't-dependent folk who never achieved in life. Conservative, God-fearing candidates are able to raise money not only from patriotic corporations, but individuals who achieved in life. Sorry, you far lefty bedwetters: you can't win. The great thing is that the far left Democrat bloodletting that will take place in November, will be even worse than expected. There will probably be enough momentum to begin impeachment hearings on Hussein Nobama and his far left radical agenda. Face it, you dumb "stuck on stupid" Democrats: Game Over. It's time that this once-free nation return from its vacation from history and place leaders in high places who will give us our country back.

The big court made the right decision because there are some smart men who have what is called Common Sense, decency and a dedication to the Bible in which they swore upon to uphold our Constitution. Unfortunately, we have activist Secular Progressive members on the Supreme Court that seriously need to be removed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Not only is the Pelosi-Obama agenda dead in the water, it's a referendum on Lil Hussein's abysmal performance in the last 12 months. But, guess what folks: This is a brief vacation from history. We all must remember that this is beyond temporary. We have three years at the most to fight Socialism before someone like Governor Palin, Governor Huckabee or Vice President Cheney grabs the top spot in our government. I repeat: This is the longest we have to endure because someone like Rep. Boehner can start speedy impeachment hearings which will lead to a very fast removal in the Senate.

Yes, my friends, we can celebrate as the Honorable Senator Brown votes NO against Wiccan Pelosi, Brain-Damaged Reid and Lil Hussein, but we must be more vigorous. I call on Sean, Rush, Glenn, Mr. O'Reilly, the beautiful Miss Coulter to be stronger in their arguments to simply remove this administration that 95% of the country didn't want in the first place.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Full circle

It was over 200 years ago when the Patriots in Boston led by our Founding Fathers said "NO" to tyranny of the invaders from the Indians and Secular Europe who wanted to impose huge tax increases and the taking away of religious freedom. Those God-fearing Patriots went to the harbor and made a statement.

Does all this sound familiar? Of course it does! You see, life is that simple. We repeat ourselves. As it says in in Hebrews 9:11, "What thy start and stood up to-shall return henceforth one day."

Here we are in Taxachusetts after more than 200 years of debauchery, statism, taxism and Socialistic rule for the most part (excluding the Honorable Mr. Romney's time in the governor's chair).

Dear Secular-Progressive friends: Your time has come as Camelot takes its final blow. Amen.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lawyer Up, Boys!

What in God's name is going on? This scum of the Earth tries to blow up a plane and what does Lil Hussein Nobama do? He LAWYERS UP! That's right. Hussein Nobama and his thug helpers in the highest offices in the land, take this disgusting terrorist off the plane and escort him to a spa, give him massages, call girls and of course, lawyers. They're coddling this terrorist thinking that this SOB has more rights than our son, daughters and Chuck Norris. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE FOLKS?!!! I'm not sure if I can take any more of this. I think Lil Hussein and his buddies pray for the terrorists safety and well-being over all others in this once-free land. This Mutallab fella is lawyering up and he's not talking. He needs to be sent to a bigger, stronger Gitmo whereby he faces a military tribunal for a few minutes, taken down to a dungeon where he is waterboarded to extract vital information from him and then he needs to face a firing squad. These suck-up far lefty looney lawyers are dangerous to our way of life. They have no business even being in this country.