Tuesday, December 1, 2009


OK, you pornography lovers, stop laughing at my title. Take your filthy minds into church, find God and put it in a clean place instead of the secular progressive gutter that you leave it in. Just remember, Ted Bundy acted the way he did because he was on the drug, drink and of course, pornography.

Now, the world does need more Dick. Why? Because he's right. He's right that our installed so-called "president" is only going into Afghanistan for political reasons. Dick's right! If Dick, the Honorable Governor Huckabee or Sarah went into Afghanistan, then it would be a patriotic act that would deter jihadists from coming to our shores. But, guess what you dumb Secular Progressive September 10th McFlys? The war isn't in Afghanistan. It's in Iraq. Get a map, you idiots! Al Qaeda has always operated out of Iraq under that filthy pig Hussein. Iraq attacked us for our freedom, success and David Hasselhoff.

And noticed how long it took Hussein Nobama to decide to add more troops into an innocent country like Afghanistan? MONTHS! AND MONTHS! "Mr." Hussein Nobama is not man enough to make decisions and for that, he needs to be removed and replaced with a big Dick, Governor Huckabee or Sarah immediately! Is anyone out there reading and agreeing with my words? We're about to have our troops sent into a territory that had nothing to do with September 11th. It's also a territory that doesn't have much value. We need to stick to our guns in Iraq where there is oil for my 150. If we were smart, we would find the money to go into Iran to bomb their nuke facilities. Then, we could control the oil supply because the world runs on oil, not stupid pansy-ass windmills. Jesus is crying at us now because he knows that we're waving the white flag of surrender. We're surrending our freedoms and that's a travesty.

Dick knows that if he were president, he would make a decision and stick with it. No delaying. No waffling. No wishy-washy long, drawn out speeches. Dick would be Dick and those are my thoughts and I will stick with them for eternity.

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