Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thoughts on the year and jihadists

How can I agree with all of the misguided, secular progressive fools that 2009 was a disaster? The answer is that we agree on this for different reasons. Liberals say that 2009 was a disaster because of the effects of the Bush years. I say it was a disaster because "Mr." Barack Hussein Nobama was installed into power and immediately wrecked this nation from the moment he screwed up the Oath at his party (oh, inauguration-excuse me). From that very moment on, this once-free nation started on a path to debauchery, Secularism, Socialism, Taxism, Environmentalism, Anti-Business-ism. Nobama coddled dictators Chavez, Castro, Ahamdinejad and Gadaffi. He traveled too much to places where we shouldn't be sending our president including Godless Norway where he took that silly prize that he should never have earned. The jihadists were empowered by Hussein's waving of the white flag in Iraq and then foolishly putting in more troops in Afghanistan where there is no reason to be there because there's no oil to get at. God knows that we need oil to make our cars run and keep the dang lights on! Secular Progressive September 10th McFlys don't get it. They think that windmills will replace patriotic oil. Guess what, you morons: it doesn't work that way! Lil Hussein is dangerous to America. He commits treason with every breath he takes -- just for being him. He hates America. He hates God. He hates life. In short, he's not leading a Christ-centered existence whereby life is respected. Instead he wishes to give more money to Godless scientists who wish to clone more Secular Progressive mean-spirited folk who wish to give up and let the jihadists invade. This is what happened with that airplane in Michigan. Yes, this is Nobama's fault. I told y'all so! I told you that jihadists are coming here and look at what happened. Nobama failed to protect us, so the passengers had to do Nobama's job. God bless the passengers who jumped that evildoer -- even if those passengers might be liberal. If they are, well then, I'll just have to take back that last line. I wrote it here all along that Nobama is weak. He took over and never got the right people to lead those once-patriotic arms of government that actually worked under the Honorable President George W. Bush -- who stared down the thugs during his eight very successful years. Remember President GW Bush kept us safe. Guess what folks: we are not safe under this installed president who might be a plant from Kenya. Is anyone besides the gorgeous Mrs. Cheney listening to me?

In 2010, I promise to step up my hard work here. I'm on a crusade to take this country back to its religious conservative roots. I'm praying that patriots will dismantle this joke of a health care bill with all of its unfunded mandates, death panels and high, high taxes. I'm praying for Crap and Trade to fade. I'm praying that there will be a bloodbath in our nation's Capitol whereby Wiccan Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Brain-Damaged Senator Reid board helicopters headed to Gitmo where they will face military tribunals for their anti-American, treasonous activities topped off with embarrassing us to the world through their weak actions. I'm praying that either Governor Palin or the Honorable Mr. Huckabee or Mr. Cheney are quickly elected into power to lead our nation to conservative greatness once again.

Dear readers, in my humble opinion, there is no President Obama. We are on a broken auto-pilot program out of Secular Liberal Washington, D.C. whereby Socialism is being implemented with each second. There is hope. The great Southern states are thinking about blocking Obamacare and if Nobama gets even more restrictive, then God-willing, these great states will break away and form a conservative successful country of its own.

God Bless,
Bill Orvis White

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