Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My pledge to fight

I will fight. I will fight to keep my way of life. I will fight.

I promise from here on out that I am dedicated to the cause of freedom. Freedom for All! Freedom from the chains that shackle us from Washington. I will fight. From from the tyranny of taxism, secularism, Obamanism, Communism, Socialism and other "isms" that threaten my way of life.

If this means that I must guard the borders of my state, I will fight. If this means that I must protect my property, I will fight. If this means that I must protect my family, I will fight.

You Secular Progressives out there are rejoicing in the celebration of a Socialist victory, but you do not understand the problems that you're forcing upon this once-free land. We will all have to pay for your laziness, shiftlessness, apathy through much higher taxes. It's a fact! Don't believe what this installed-president and disgusting Democratic Congress are telling you. Y'all will learn fast how bad this health care system will be. Yes, Santy Claus, the Soviet Union has come to us and it don't look pretty!

Yes, you September 10th SP McFlys: I VOW TO FIGHT your Socialist agenda.

I will fight to save this once-free country. I will fight for Sean Hannity to keep his SUV. I will fight for the Ten Commandments to be displayed everywhere to preserve our conservative culture which is under attack. I will fight for Rush to keep his drug cache. I will fight for a culture of life. I will fight for good Hebrew Dick Morris to have proper fitting underwear so that he will continue to write his amazing opinions. I will fight for a strong defense that needs to regroup and fight al-Qaeda in Iraq. I will fight for the honorable Richard Cheney, Sarah Palin, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Huckabee and other patriots to safely return to the top brass of our government and military.

A note to Democrats, Secularists, Humanists and others: You will lose. You will lose bad in 2010. The Real USA is a conservative country and that will be evident in 2010. You will hear from us loud and clear. We will shout it from the rooftops, churches, synagogues and Hardee's dining rooms.

Speaking of Hardee's I saw Sweet Baby Jesus on my Thickburger the other day. I cried so hard, the manager came over and gave me a huge Christmas hug. God, I love the Real America.

I will fight.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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