Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Socialist Un-United States of Amerika

It's over. Yes, it's over. Freedom is officially dead. I don't need to go further with this explanation. Y'all know what I'm talking about here. The Wiccan woman got up there with her gavel and declared freedom dead for all in what was once a great nation. Forget it. It's over. We can't do anything for ourselves. We have been taken over by a bunch of cradle to the grave bedwetters who want Big Gov't to supply us with everything including their brand of air. I'm disgusted. I'm appalled. I'm crying for myself, my wife, my boys and our future.

The longer this huge gov't takeover happens, the longer it will take time for a President Palin or Huckabee to dismantle it. For now, we are in a gestapo state whereby an old Wiccan is going to tell me that I have to get health care for me, my bride, my boys and my workers. They're going to raise my taxes, dictate the type of truck that I drive, confiscate my money and guns.

I'm not talking about the day Lil Hussein is removed from office or the day he actually leaves it in 2013. I'm talking about what I have to live with now. I have to live under tyranny whereby every movement I make is going to be judged by a panel of far left secular progressives with gavels similar to Wiccan Pelosi's greasy gavel.

So why am I putting the disgusting symbol of the Nazis on this page? It's because what's happening to us is the same thing that happened to Hitler's victims. I don't have to go into gory detail. We all know how that turned out. I fear that this can happen again through a huge gov't expansion into our lives.

Me, I choose not to go to doctors. Why? What's the point? It's my choice. Don't force me. Don't tread on me.

God Bless and Amen,

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