Thursday, November 19, 2009

A majority of GOP voters think ACORN stole the '08 election for Obama | Political Insider#comment-32032

A majority of GOP voters think ACORN stole the '08 election for Obama | Political Insider#comment-32032

My friend Jimbo Galloway in Atlanta posted this entry on this lefty blog. I just wanted to repeat this here with my response:

Yes, ACORN did steal the election. Secular Progressive September 10th McFlys deny this. They are simply wrong. As we saw with the recent deep investigation conducted by those patriotic heroic filmmakers who exposed ACORN, we know for certain that ACORN orchestrated this unlawful Socialistic government takeover of our government. Let’s not forget that our government was on the right track: the Iraq Surge was working; our taxes were low; our gov’t-run schools were reforming and improving; God was returning to those improving schools; we were winning the War on Terror; market-based principles were gaining steam; jobs were being created. All of this was happening under the honorable George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and Condolezza Rice. Unfortunately the honorable Donald Rumsfeld was unable to complete his second patriotic mission. He was run out of town by the far left press and liberals in government. Anyone who thinks that ACORN is innocent has his head in the sand. I challenge anyone who is man enough to refute this well-known fact.

Now look at what ACORN has done. We have terrorists being invited over onto our soil for tea and sandwiches. They will be within yards of our churches, schools and banks ready to unleash a fiery jihad-one that we have never seen before. When will you September 10th McFlys understand that we once had a strong government led by men of character and principle. Now, we have far left seculars who have hijacked our way of life. I fear for the future.

I just wanted to add to this and say that the future is bleak my Christ-centered friends. That's why I believe good God-fearing folk need to build fortified shelters stocked with plenty of canned food like pork and beans, water, money, guns and the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity audio libraries.

God Bless,
Bill Orvis White