Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The daughter that I never had

Miss Sarah is the daughter I never had.

Let me explain this: the MSM and the far left in gov't hounded Sarah the minute she got into politics. Nothing was found. There was no wrongdoing. The Palins are clean as a whistle.

Now why were these lefties doing this? Because she's a beautiful conservative woman-pure and simple. Just look at that cover of Newsweek. It's sexist and disgusting. There's such a left-wing bias in the media and our current gov't will stoop to any level to bring her down. Don't get me wrong: Sarah looks beautiful in that running outfit. Believe me, in another life, I would let the lust in my pants do the talking. I hear all you dumb secular progressives out there right now: Yuch Bill! You just wrote that she could be your daughter! You're a dumb hick inbred Southern jerk! There y'all go again, pushing those things that are all wrong about us rugged individuals who love God, guns, country and yes, my beloved Toby Keith.

But guess what is happening in the end? Sarah's winning. The Real America loves her. She can overcome lefty Oprah and that pig of a woman Miss Couric. She can fight Barney Frank, Keith Olbermann and Chavez-Lover Oliver Stone to the death. So you stuck on stupid Godless Democrats in the Godless Northeaster (former) United States, you bloodsuckers have no idea what it's like to lead a "pull-yourself-up-by-the-jockstraps" Christ-centered, Hannity-oriented lifestyle.

Sarah Palin is our hope -- maybe our only hope. Sure, the Honorable Michael Huckabee would make a great leader, but Miss Sarah would be legendary. If God-willing, Sarah becomes are fearless leader, we will have a choice as to where to send our children to school. OK, my preference is for the ladies to drop out of whatever job they have and join their stay-at-home sisters and run schoolhouses in their cities, towns and villages. But, the next best thing is to voucherize the Godless, government-run schools. This way, we can CHOOSE where to send our children. Hopefully, all of the children can attend Christian schools thus leaving all public and other private secular schools to shut down forever. Sarah will also fight for our Christian values which are under assualt from Hollyweird and that misfit Perez Hilton. Sarah will say no to taxe$, left-wing extremists, enviro-whackos, anti-war activists and secularists. In short, Sarah will take our country back and I cannot wait for her to do it.

You lefties just hate Sarah, GW Bush, Richard Cheney and Cliff from "Cheers." When y'all extract that deep hate for those who love God, country and our military, then you will see that Sarah is a beautiful intelligent woman with deep convictions.

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