Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crap and Fade

Our lecture in church was about this stupid Cap and Trade thing making its way through big bad Washington. We had a few fellas from the power company speak to us about how Cap and Trade is an un-Christian, Communistic, jobs-killer of a bill. We were all shaking in our seats. The evidence that these good men brought to the podium made me soil myself. I was quickly forgiven when Mildred cleaned me up in the Ladies Room. For some reason, Mildred is always ready to clean me up when I soil myself from such damning evidence. There's always a change of clothes and wet wipes in the church closet. "Oh Bill, I know how emotional you are," she always says to me like she's my mama who passed many moons ago. I sure do love Mildred and her country ham.
Anyway, this Crap and Fade thing is bad news. We need to stick to what we do best: use oil and coal.
God Bless and Amen.

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