Thursday, November 19, 2009

A majority of GOP voters think ACORN stole the '08 election for Obama | Political Insider#comment-32032

A majority of GOP voters think ACORN stole the '08 election for Obama | Political Insider#comment-32032

My friend Jimbo Galloway in Atlanta posted this entry on this lefty blog. I just wanted to repeat this here with my response:

Yes, ACORN did steal the election. Secular Progressive September 10th McFlys deny this. They are simply wrong. As we saw with the recent deep investigation conducted by those patriotic heroic filmmakers who exposed ACORN, we know for certain that ACORN orchestrated this unlawful Socialistic government takeover of our government. Let’s not forget that our government was on the right track: the Iraq Surge was working; our taxes were low; our gov’t-run schools were reforming and improving; God was returning to those improving schools; we were winning the War on Terror; market-based principles were gaining steam; jobs were being created. All of this was happening under the honorable George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and Condolezza Rice. Unfortunately the honorable Donald Rumsfeld was unable to complete his second patriotic mission. He was run out of town by the far left press and liberals in government. Anyone who thinks that ACORN is innocent has his head in the sand. I challenge anyone who is man enough to refute this well-known fact.

Now look at what ACORN has done. We have terrorists being invited over onto our soil for tea and sandwiches. They will be within yards of our churches, schools and banks ready to unleash a fiery jihad-one that we have never seen before. When will you September 10th McFlys understand that we once had a strong government led by men of character and principle. Now, we have far left seculars who have hijacked our way of life. I fear for the future.

I just wanted to add to this and say that the future is bleak my Christ-centered friends. That's why I believe good God-fearing folk need to build fortified shelters stocked with plenty of canned food like pork and beans, water, money, guns and the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity audio libraries.

God Bless,
Bill Orvis White

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The daughter that I never had

Miss Sarah is the daughter I never had.

Let me explain this: the MSM and the far left in gov't hounded Sarah the minute she got into politics. Nothing was found. There was no wrongdoing. The Palins are clean as a whistle.

Now why were these lefties doing this? Because she's a beautiful conservative woman-pure and simple. Just look at that cover of Newsweek. It's sexist and disgusting. There's such a left-wing bias in the media and our current gov't will stoop to any level to bring her down. Don't get me wrong: Sarah looks beautiful in that running outfit. Believe me, in another life, I would let the lust in my pants do the talking. I hear all you dumb secular progressives out there right now: Yuch Bill! You just wrote that she could be your daughter! You're a dumb hick inbred Southern jerk! There y'all go again, pushing those things that are all wrong about us rugged individuals who love God, guns, country and yes, my beloved Toby Keith.

But guess what is happening in the end? Sarah's winning. The Real America loves her. She can overcome lefty Oprah and that pig of a woman Miss Couric. She can fight Barney Frank, Keith Olbermann and Chavez-Lover Oliver Stone to the death. So you stuck on stupid Godless Democrats in the Godless Northeaster (former) United States, you bloodsuckers have no idea what it's like to lead a "pull-yourself-up-by-the-jockstraps" Christ-centered, Hannity-oriented lifestyle.

Sarah Palin is our hope -- maybe our only hope. Sure, the Honorable Michael Huckabee would make a great leader, but Miss Sarah would be legendary. If God-willing, Sarah becomes are fearless leader, we will have a choice as to where to send our children to school. OK, my preference is for the ladies to drop out of whatever job they have and join their stay-at-home sisters and run schoolhouses in their cities, towns and villages. But, the next best thing is to voucherize the Godless, government-run schools. This way, we can CHOOSE where to send our children. Hopefully, all of the children can attend Christian schools thus leaving all public and other private secular schools to shut down forever. Sarah will also fight for our Christian values which are under assualt from Hollyweird and that misfit Perez Hilton. Sarah will say no to taxe$, left-wing extremists, enviro-whackos, anti-war activists and secularists. In short, Sarah will take our country back and I cannot wait for her to do it.

You lefties just hate Sarah, GW Bush, Richard Cheney and Cliff from "Cheers." When y'all extract that deep hate for those who love God, country and our military, then you will see that Sarah is a beautiful intelligent woman with deep convictions.

My solution to the NY terror trials

I'm floored. Why are we trying terrorists on this soil where thousands perished? Who made this decision? I just found out about this Communist Eric Holder fella. He wants to have trials for those who ultimately wish to destroy us and our freedom. \
Now, I love Bill O'Reilly and he's right that this is a stupid idea, but I have a shocker of an idea: I'm all for bringing them to New York for public beheadings. What Bill? What are you talking about? I'm talking about holding public beheadings just like they do in their countries. Why not? Let's take everyone from Gitmo, usher them to the World Trade Center site and hold the beheadings. Not one of these criminals deserves a day in court. It's still justice by the way. It's just swift justice. While we're at it, we need to look at swift justice for secular progressives who are engaged in ending the life of innocents on this soil. There is no middle ground. When you take a life, you need to give up your own. It's right. It's biblical. It's what we need for world survival. Instead, we adhere to secular Socialistic principles. I'm sorry my Communist liberal friends, that will be the death of us. We need to get back to a culture of life.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah's new book

I love Sarah and I love her new book. Now, I never read much up until this year. My how things change when you are on a crusade. I'm now going to treat Sarah's new book like my Bible. From time to time, I will refer to it. Right here, I'm going to talk about how Sarah is right on the money when it comes to the fact that we did not get here by accident. The Lord Almighty created us.

It's a known fact that this nation was built upon Christ-centered principles. One of those principles is the fact that the Lord Almighty rose his palms and with a quick flick of both index fingers, created this beautiful planet with what we now have called Life As We Know It.

A little boy in church group named Peter asked me, "Mr. White, did the Lord Almighty also create evil? Why is there so much evil in the world today?"

I replied, "Little Peter, the Lord did not create evil -- that would be Adam's homosexual secular uncle, Steve, who cohabitated with Gary."

"Really, Mr. White?" Little Peter said.

"Yes, and that's why we have evil non-believers today. They either blow up buildings or try to raise your taxes to pay for health care that you didn't ask for," I explained. "Health care is not a right Little Peter. Health care is something that you have to work hard for to earn."

"Would Jesus want health care for the people in his village?" Little Peter asked.

"No, Little Peter. Jesus told the people in the village that if you want to see a doctor, you must work hard by pulling the fat rich healthy people around the town in rickshaws," I told him.

Little Peter said he never heard of these facts. I told Little Peter to try to read between the lines in his Bible. The conversation was cut short when Delores pulled me out of the room to tell me that the damage from the drink gets me going like that. Maybe my bride is right, but I stand by my word and Sarah stands by her word that God created us.

We did not come from apes like all you seculars scream about. It's just not true. But, if y'all want to teach this garbage in our gov't schools, we need to teach Creationism and Intelligent Design right along with it so that these indoctrinated children can make a choice. You know "CHOICE." Y'all scream about choice when it comes to terminating babies, but y'all don't want "CHOICE" when it comes to schools. I mean, that's hypocrisy right there, my liberal friends.
Anyway, I recommend all of you SPs go out and at least try to read Sarah's new book.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crap and Fade

Our lecture in church was about this stupid Cap and Trade thing making its way through big bad Washington. We had a few fellas from the power company speak to us about how Cap and Trade is an un-Christian, Communistic, jobs-killer of a bill. We were all shaking in our seats. The evidence that these good men brought to the podium made me soil myself. I was quickly forgiven when Mildred cleaned me up in the Ladies Room. For some reason, Mildred is always ready to clean me up when I soil myself from such damning evidence. There's always a change of clothes and wet wipes in the church closet. "Oh Bill, I know how emotional you are," she always says to me like she's my mama who passed many moons ago. I sure do love Mildred and her country ham.
Anyway, this Crap and Fade thing is bad news. We need to stick to what we do best: use oil and coal.
God Bless and Amen.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One more invited over for Prayer and Pie

Rep. Michelle Bachmann, you are more than welcome to come over our house for Prayer and Pie. What is Prayer and Pie? Prayer and Pie is something that Delores and I will do for any God-fearing conservative like you who is looking for a connection anytime - day or night.

Rep. Bachmann, you are one of the few voices of reason in this debate over health care. As you know, I feel that health care is something that you earn, not something given to you. Sure, I can afford to get health care, but I choose not to. I choose to keep my earnings. If I have an emergency, I ask one of the doctors at church for advice. If that doesn't work, then I go to the ER. Here's the thing: I can pay for it because I keep my cash locked up with my cache of weapons (aha-not going to tell your pretty face where that is). The point here is that I believe that you are one of the few folks who are standing up to a nation that wants to act like a bunch of pansy bed-wetters.

Mrs. Bachmann, we love you and you're welcome here anytime.

Bill Orvis White

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Socialist Un-United States of Amerika

It's over. Yes, it's over. Freedom is officially dead. I don't need to go further with this explanation. Y'all know what I'm talking about here. The Wiccan woman got up there with her gavel and declared freedom dead for all in what was once a great nation. Forget it. It's over. We can't do anything for ourselves. We have been taken over by a bunch of cradle to the grave bedwetters who want Big Gov't to supply us with everything including their brand of air. I'm disgusted. I'm appalled. I'm crying for myself, my wife, my boys and our future.

The longer this huge gov't takeover happens, the longer it will take time for a President Palin or Huckabee to dismantle it. For now, we are in a gestapo state whereby an old Wiccan is going to tell me that I have to get health care for me, my bride, my boys and my workers. They're going to raise my taxes, dictate the type of truck that I drive, confiscate my money and guns.

I'm not talking about the day Lil Hussein is removed from office or the day he actually leaves it in 2013. I'm talking about what I have to live with now. I have to live under tyranny whereby every movement I make is going to be judged by a panel of far left secular progressives with gavels similar to Wiccan Pelosi's greasy gavel.

So why am I putting the disgusting symbol of the Nazis on this page? It's because what's happening to us is the same thing that happened to Hitler's victims. I don't have to go into gory detail. We all know how that turned out. I fear that this can happen again through a huge gov't expansion into our lives.

Me, I choose not to go to doctors. Why? What's the point? It's my choice. Don't force me. Don't tread on me.

God Bless and Amen,