Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Hussein and Jimmah Show

So the Godless baby-killer way Northern Euro-seculars awarded Hussein Nobama the big ole peace prize. Now this installed-president has something in common with the other secular disaster that nearly wiped the USA off the map, Jimmah Carter. OK, now I hear all you Godless seculars out there saying that, "At least he's better than Bush." For just thinking that thought, you should be imprisoned and hanged after a few days. The Honorable George Walker Bush, the real president-my president, stood up to thugs. Your president, Hussein Nobama coddles them. He invites them over for tea and a game of basketball. Don't you people listen? Don't you people care? The ultra-left Euro-fascists who want us to embrace Socialistic health care, want us to become just like them! How can you just roll over and let this happen? What happened to rugged individualism and freedom? Am I the only one in this once-great country to say no to high taxes and forced health care? Am I the only one who believes that this is One Nation Under God?! This is One Nation Under God -- y'all can repeat with me: Toby Keith said so! Kid Rock said so! Lynyrd Skynyrd said so! OK? Enough!

Both Jimmah and Hussein are naive, Godless and just plain stuck on stupid. They're radical ideas are dangerous to all of the free world's security. If we give "men" of this character such power, I'm afraid our futures are doomed. So, when (it's a matter of when) the jihadists come to our shores, few people will be ready to take them out unless America and her allies act now. We act by removing the current administration and replacing it with one that will protect its citizens. Whether there is a President Huckabee, Cheney or Palin, we can all rest knowing that our freedom to protect ourselves will exist. We will also know that God will be with us. God will be in our churches, synagogues, massage parlors, schools, strip clubs, patriotic gas stations and NASCAR tracks. I know that you're thinking that I'm fantasizing, but I'm not. This can all happen if we take the patriotic tea party folks, band together and take immediate action everywhere. This is what I call taking back our country. We need to take it back from those who love Hugo Chavez and George Clooney. We need to take it back from those who make movies that complain about capitalism. We need to take it back from those who want to kill God! WE WILL TAKE IT BACK! And when we take it back, we will be strong again. The ladies will be at home learning the children. The men will be in the workplace helping to expand our economy.

This cannot happen if y'all just sit there.

God Bless,