Thursday, September 10, 2009

There goes my hero

So I was watching Hussein Nobama's horrid health care speech last night groaning in pain more than I ever have. No, it wasn't the duct tape wrapped around me knees that was putting me in such pain. It was Hussein Nobama's lie after lie after lie. Do you know what really got my dander up? The idea that this foreign-born installed president is going to tell me that I have to be forced into buying health insurance! How dare someone - especially this man - tell me what I have to do. I hate to write this, but I'm ready to get out of the business. I'm ready to give up and not contribute to the economy. Yep, I'll have to lay off my apprentices Lil Roy Lee, Julio, Hector and Big Dave. They'll have to go out on the street begging for work because Hussein Nobama made it too expensive for me to employ anyone. That's it, I'm out. Now I know how the work working men in our doctor's offices, hospitals, insurance and drug companies feel: THAT'S IT, WE'RE OUT OF HERE. Don't imagine this happening. It will happen! This is no longer a nightmare, this is reality, folks. Wake up and smell the apple pie that my beautiful wife just made.

Now, there are many in that room that were showing defiance last night. Of course, as you can tell from the photo up top that I have my hero chosen for the night. The honorable Representative Joe Wilson from the beautiful state of South Carolina stepped up to the plate and told it all like it is. Now, I love our immigrants if they met certain requirements like Julio and Hector do. They need to be legal. If they're not legal, then they need to come to people like me or Walmart and work for a low wage to keep prices for hard-working customers low. If they don't want to work for people like me or Walmart, then ship them back and tag them to the patriotic Minutemen so they will remember them if they try to cross the border again. So Joe, I'm with you on standing up to the USS' Dear Leader, but you have no idea what good workers like Julio and Hector are. They lead straight lives by only looking at pretty women and they stay away from the drink.

So while the MSM (mainstream media) drools over this ridiculous highly partisan speech, drop by ole Bill's blog here. Everyone who reads this knows that Bill White is right.

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