Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The New USS. "What's that, Bill?" you September 10th Secular Progressive McFlys might be asking.
I'll tell you what it is.
It's the new United Socialist States -- and not of America. I'm sorry, but there is no more America. There is no more land of choice and opportunity. Why am I writing this? Have I gone off the deep end? Am I depressed? Maybe I can say yes to all of this. I'm just holed up here in my shed crying like a 4-year-old child while I see what was once the United States of America turn into a nation bent on weakening itself.
Look at what happened this week. Children were indocrinated by an installed and planted president who is ready to take their little hands and lead them down the path of Communistic thought. Then, the day after, this man is going to address this majority far left Congress and tell them that he's going to force a health care system on everyone. Has he even read the entire document? Did y'all know that Big Brother is going to fine you if you don't have health insurance? Hello everyone! Wake up!
I'm sorry, but this is no longer a free society. Am I optimistic that there will be a bloodbath in next year's election? Yes, but I'm still afraid that we won't be strong enough. I'm afraid that even with a solid Republican majority in Congress, these kind folks will still have to the far left. We're seeing it now with this speech.
I'm tired of speeches. I'm tired of this Kenyan-born dictator coming on my TV all the time talking and talking. That's all he's about. Lord knows patriotic Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush DID. They didn't get up there and talk all the time. They said they would get Saddam. BANG! They did it! They said they would lower taxes. BANG! DONE! They didn't wait for anyone.
Now, we have this president talking the talk.
This isn't America. This is the new USS.

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