Friday, September 25, 2009

My favorite Hebrew

I confess that I threw some pretty good cherry pie at the TV in my shed. I'm not even sure why I tuned into the Ghadaffi, Ahmadinejad and Chavez Show. These three stooges made me way beyond angry at that United Nations. Why is this building on our soil? The same soil where thousands of our fellow Americans perished. I just can't understand what went on this week. Why were these murderers permitted to come onto our soil and lecture the civilized world? These disgusting dictators should have been ushered underground, waterboarded, shocked and put before a firing squad with their victims' hands on the guns' triggers. OH MY LORD! What is going on here? There was one man and one man only who stood up to this circus: Benyamin Netanyahu, a man of decency, honor and principle. Why can't he be our president? This man makes me love the Jewish people even more. If I didn't have these dang bad knees, I would fight for the Israeli Army! What a breath of fresh air!

Instead, we got a parade of foolish dictators and weak, weak Western leaders including our very own Lil Hussein Obama, who told the world that he will lay down like a dead dog to appease evil in the world.

Look at what just happened: An evildoer was ready to pull off another 9-11 on Godless New York's soil! WHAT? I know that there are some good God-fearing people up there, but you never hear from them. The MSM drowns them out and treats us to coverage of far left nutcases like most of those dumb women on that "View" show.

Then, Usama bin Laden is out there again ready to strike. The far left picks on GW Bush that he didn't catch Usama. Well, Lil Hussein, you've been in office (and you really shouldn't have been in office) since January 2009: Where's Usama, you moron! Mark my words right here and now: Usama's plotting with his fellow jihadists-ready to take over the world and what's going on? We're asleep at the wheel. Wake up America!

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