Monday, September 21, 2009

The MSM takes Glenn on

I had to laugh when I heard that one of the MSM's magazine has Glenn on the cover. When I was in Roy's Gas 'n Go, I saw the silly thing on the mag rack. What a joke. I picked it up and threw it across Roy's counter and into the nacho cheese bucket. Gimme a break with that dumb headline that Glenn's angry. Glenn is far from angry. Glenn only wants what's best for America and her interests. Doesn't anyone get that????!!!! We have lurched too far away from our traditional values in this country. That's why people like me and Glenn are on a crusade to make this country great again with Judeo-Christian values and a strong military. So why oh why is the MSM saying that he's an angry white male? It's because they have an agenda to push affirmative action, sexual promiscuity, drug and the drink on our society. When someone is out there pushing and seeking the truth, the MSM mocks him. It's time for right-ward thinking Christians like me to stand up and say enough is enough. We want our country back.

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