Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Ole Liberal Lion

While the media sits around drooling and crying over the passing of Senator Kennedy, I must say my part here. This passing is symbolic in that it shows how one of the biggest supports of Barack Hussein Nobama is going so fast downhill. Kennedy's death is also the death of Big Government.

Only eight months in with this installed-president and look at what he created: recession, job loss, high deficits, higher taxes on everyone, an unsecure homeland, weakened military in Iraq and an even "not ready for duty, sir" military in Afghanistan, coddling dictators, equal rights for the gays, the death of traditional marriage, abortion on demand, God and Sweet Baby Jesus kicked even more out of the schools, a ridiculous energy policy and that's just the beginning.

This pop star president whose star is fading, hasn't even filled a bunch of jobs and then he goes on vacation. That's the icing on the cake. The jihadists are laughing at us as they plan their next attack and I'm afraid it's going to be a mushroom cloud. This will only be Lil Hussein's fault! I know that fat lazy film director Moore will come out and say that it was GW's fault, but that moron couldn't be more wrong.

So back to Teddy Kennedy. Dear Media, stop idolizing him just like Lil Hussein! Ted Kennedy had questionable character and only wanted a big, shiftless government that would only bankrupt the nation. I'm not thankful he's dead and I'll tell you why. He was great to have around so that we can all remember what the failed policies of the Great Society were all about. So, I'm sad on that account. RIP you Ole Liberal Lion.

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