Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bowing to dictators

Why are we celebrating this Bill Clinton to North Korea thing? The ultra-Commie dictator Dear Leader summoned Bubba to come on over for a visit so that he can be used as a puppet to release those girls who work for the far, far, far, far left TV channel run by Algore. Gimme a break. A President Huckabee would have invaded to get those girls out even if they were Commie sympathizers who don't believe in free economic principles. Now that would be classy of a President Huckabee.

Now the MSM is all over this like Bubba's this big hero. I hope FOX and Rush tell the other side of the story. I'm sick to my stomach how they're gushing over this staged event. Everyone knows that Bubba and the Dear Leader are best friends who believe to taking away individual choice and freedom. Bubba wrecked the economy almost as bad as Lil Hussein is doing right now.

Now, onto Obamacare. It's failing big time, thank the Lord Almighty. I'm beyond thrilled to see these patriots confront these phony lawmakers at the town hall meetings. I love every single one of them. As everyone knows, I say, "Take care of yourself!" Don't tread on me to pay way higher taxes for your health care scheme and so-called "green jobs." You're killing us, Lil Hussein!

Next year will be a bloodbath for Lil Hussein as he is already a lame duck leader. He will lose Congress so bad, I can already see the headlines on FOX News. There is no hope for this administration that hasn't accomplished anything and will not accomplish anything in their remaining days. I hope more conservatives are with me here. I'm so optimistic for 2010 and 2012. We will win.


hollygirl78 said...

You are quite the clever comedian. You *almost* fooled me into thinking this was a serious blog, but you made one fatal error. There simply are no conservatives who know how to work a spell-checker. None. If you want to fool anyone, you need to take the quality of your writing down about four notches. A's for effort, though -- that's the only thing that gave you away! :)

Bill White-God, Guns, Country and Toby Keith said...

Thanks hollygirl78. Many folks say the same things about me. After I wrecked my 150 on a Mississippi highway, I gave up the drink and went to night school. I get teased a lot for even writing, but you see, I'm on a crusade to promote a Christ-centered life so I can take the teasing from all sides.