Friday, July 10, 2009

Ultra Lib Communist

Beyond treason. Beyond anti-American. Beyond Secular-Progressive. This is the pinnacle of what's wrong with our great nation: Michael Moore, a fat, secular-progressive, cry baby, bed wetter, anti-Hebrew who spreads so much treasonous information, he ought to be jailed, court-martialed and flogged beyond recognition. This is what happens when a country lets someone like this run rampant without any controls whatsoever.
Now let's add another title to this disgusting animal: anti-Capitalist!!!!
When I heard that he's making another treasonous film about how bad Capitalism is, I almost blew a gasket. This slob has no idea what our great free market system is about. Oh what a minute-this pig does know because he makes millions off of these rotten untrue films. Every one of them needs to be destroyed because they all give aid and comfort to lazy SPs like this jerk and our enemies domestic and foreign. I don't like to say that I hate anyone, but I confess that this man pushes me to hate him. I typically pray for people like this, but this man needs to spend eternal life in Hell with all of his evildoer and Communist buddies.

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