Monday, July 6, 2009

Putting her country first - God I love this woman

She's gorgeous. She's smart. And Delores and I love her so much. She's definitely invited to come over for prayer and pie any time of the day or night. Now that's what I call dedication to the beautiful, honorable Gov. Sarah Palin who is stepping down from her job in Alaska to put her country first. What a woman. What a conservative. I'm beyond choked up right now. I was so overwhelmed by the news of this, I had to talk about it at our prayer breakfast. All of us in the group voted to say that we support Sarah no matter what she decides.
When we got back home, we put FOX News on and some of those commentators were saying that Sarah's a quitter. I cried because they just don't get it. There's a higher calling coming from someone much more powerful than even our installed-president and that person is Jesus. I know he spoke to her just like he did with GW and knowing that, I'm sure that this gorgeous wonder of the world is going to make history. Stay tuned because I think my dream ticket to run this country is going to come true and I don't care if it's Palin/Huckabee or Huckabee/Palin!!!!!! I pray that this will happen soon after God, Jesus and the American people remove this president quickly. I'm sorry, but I cannot wait until 2013 when a new president will be sworn in. The time is now before more damage is done to our Republic. We need Sarah and Mike at the top levels of our government. Here I go again: Abortion on demand, government-run education, the gay agenda, enviro-whackos, secularists, peace at any price crowd, stem-cell research and Hollywood are destroying this nation.

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