Thursday, July 23, 2009

Health care thankfully failing

OK, I had a bunch of thoughts after Hussein Nobama's shameful speech last night. First off, the installed-president lied. I can't go into it all, but the basic thing to remember here is that trying to insure a zillion people is going to punish the achievers in this great nation. Those great men who worked so hard to get to the top are going to deal with a Soviet-like system whereby the taxman is going to come to their mansions to confiscate their hard-earned dollars to pay for lazy, shiftless, irresponsible people's health care. Sorry, but if you can't afford good health care, then don't even try to get something that you can't afford. I'm one of them! I run a business and I can't afford any plans and guess what? I'm still here and I don't go to emergency rooms and expect handouts. My knees are bad, so I just wrap them up in duct tape when they're hurting. Delores, Dale and Kyle get along just fine thank you very much. If they have anything, we treat it here at home with good old-fashioned remedies. Sometimes folks at church give us good advice, too.

This Sgt. Crowley fella is my hero. He just followed procedure

OK, so Nobama yaps on and on about health care and then he gets involved with the police thing in the Godless Northeast? I think this so-called president is a racist, pure and simple. We aren't white, black, yellow or purple, we're Americans and we shouldn't be exploiting our colors. Obviously this guy who says he teaches did something wrong. First off, I would haul this professor in because most likely he's a Communist. I'm sure there's something that he did that's un-American. I saw him screaming his head off being all disobedient. When the fine police come to talk to you and need to take you in, you act with respect. I have no sympathy for this far left elitist. This has nothing to do with color. Those good police folk need to check his papers just like Hussein Nobama's. I just saw his Kenyan birth certificate and you know, I think this might be true that he's trying to overthrow this great land over to the Jihadists which will complete his One World vision.

So, don't tax my non-alcoholic Jesus Juice. Don't force me to get health insurance. Don't force me to pay for my workers' health insurance. Don't come here and try to take my guns and Sean Hannity tapes. Don't tax me anymore!

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