Thursday, July 23, 2009

Health care thankfully failing

OK, I had a bunch of thoughts after Hussein Nobama's shameful speech last night. First off, the installed-president lied. I can't go into it all, but the basic thing to remember here is that trying to insure a zillion people is going to punish the achievers in this great nation. Those great men who worked so hard to get to the top are going to deal with a Soviet-like system whereby the taxman is going to come to their mansions to confiscate their hard-earned dollars to pay for lazy, shiftless, irresponsible people's health care. Sorry, but if you can't afford good health care, then don't even try to get something that you can't afford. I'm one of them! I run a business and I can't afford any plans and guess what? I'm still here and I don't go to emergency rooms and expect handouts. My knees are bad, so I just wrap them up in duct tape when they're hurting. Delores, Dale and Kyle get along just fine thank you very much. If they have anything, we treat it here at home with good old-fashioned remedies. Sometimes folks at church give us good advice, too.

This Sgt. Crowley fella is my hero. He just followed procedure

OK, so Nobama yaps on and on about health care and then he gets involved with the police thing in the Godless Northeast? I think this so-called president is a racist, pure and simple. We aren't white, black, yellow or purple, we're Americans and we shouldn't be exploiting our colors. Obviously this guy who says he teaches did something wrong. First off, I would haul this professor in because most likely he's a Communist. I'm sure there's something that he did that's un-American. I saw him screaming his head off being all disobedient. When the fine police come to talk to you and need to take you in, you act with respect. I have no sympathy for this far left elitist. This has nothing to do with color. Those good police folk need to check his papers just like Hussein Nobama's. I just saw his Kenyan birth certificate and you know, I think this might be true that he's trying to overthrow this great land over to the Jihadists which will complete his One World vision.

So, don't tax my non-alcoholic Jesus Juice. Don't force me to get health insurance. Don't force me to pay for my workers' health insurance. Don't come here and try to take my guns and Sean Hannity tapes. Don't tax me anymore!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ultra Lib Communist

Beyond treason. Beyond anti-American. Beyond Secular-Progressive. This is the pinnacle of what's wrong with our great nation: Michael Moore, a fat, secular-progressive, cry baby, bed wetter, anti-Hebrew who spreads so much treasonous information, he ought to be jailed, court-martialed and flogged beyond recognition. This is what happens when a country lets someone like this run rampant without any controls whatsoever.
Now let's add another title to this disgusting animal: anti-Capitalist!!!!
When I heard that he's making another treasonous film about how bad Capitalism is, I almost blew a gasket. This slob has no idea what our great free market system is about. Oh what a minute-this pig does know because he makes millions off of these rotten untrue films. Every one of them needs to be destroyed because they all give aid and comfort to lazy SPs like this jerk and our enemies domestic and foreign. I don't like to say that I hate anyone, but I confess that this man pushes me to hate him. I typically pray for people like this, but this man needs to spend eternal life in Hell with all of his evildoer and Communist buddies.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My and my 150

I hate to take pictures, but I do like to shoot photos of my 150. It's my pride and joy. Nothing beats a ride in it on a hot summer day with my gun rack rattling in the back along with Dale and Kyle. Oh yeah, I never told y'all about by bloodhound Gomer. He loves it in the flatbed.

The important thing here is that this is a true man's vehicle. It's the type of machine that someone like Governor Palin or Ann Coulter like for in what a real man drives. When I'm in the driver's seat, I think about how much gorgeous conservative women beg for my attention and I'm happly to oblige.

We take this beauty out for hunting, fishing, NASCAR events and tea bag parties. By the way, our July Fourth Tea Bag party was a major success. I heard that there were thousands of others all across the country. What I don't understand is why we still have this far left taxation system in place. With so many people out there who don't want to be taxed, we should have enough power to end the IRS, the Fed and replace most of the bums in Congress and the White House. I know that change is going to come soon with low or even no taxes in a true Christ-centered environment.

God Bless,
Bill Orvis White

Putting her country first - God I love this woman

She's gorgeous. She's smart. And Delores and I love her so much. She's definitely invited to come over for prayer and pie any time of the day or night. Now that's what I call dedication to the beautiful, honorable Gov. Sarah Palin who is stepping down from her job in Alaska to put her country first. What a woman. What a conservative. I'm beyond choked up right now. I was so overwhelmed by the news of this, I had to talk about it at our prayer breakfast. All of us in the group voted to say that we support Sarah no matter what she decides.
When we got back home, we put FOX News on and some of those commentators were saying that Sarah's a quitter. I cried because they just don't get it. There's a higher calling coming from someone much more powerful than even our installed-president and that person is Jesus. I know he spoke to her just like he did with GW and knowing that, I'm sure that this gorgeous wonder of the world is going to make history. Stay tuned because I think my dream ticket to run this country is going to come true and I don't care if it's Palin/Huckabee or Huckabee/Palin!!!!!! I pray that this will happen soon after God, Jesus and the American people remove this president quickly. I'm sorry, but I cannot wait until 2013 when a new president will be sworn in. The time is now before more damage is done to our Republic. We need Sarah and Mike at the top levels of our government. Here I go again: Abortion on demand, government-run education, the gay agenda, enviro-whackos, secularists, peace at any price crowd, stem-cell research and Hollywood are destroying this nation.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The meaning of July 4th

I'm pecking away at my old HP with coffee stains all over the side of it. Is it time for a new fancy thing? Naw. You see I care about where my hard-earned dollars go as I reflect on the meaning of July 4th. I weep for this nation that is sliding down a slippery slope of seculars who want to over-tax responsible folk like me. They want to tell me what doctor I have to see and that good folk need to send their naive kids to government-controlled schools where they teach that it's OK to be gay and hate God. I'm on this blog because I feel that Jesus sent me on the Internet to stop this march towards a hideous secular nation that will be hellbent on waving the white flag to Islamists who want to wipe us off the face of the earth. I get on this ole HP and see what those evildoers are up to. As I look at that stuff, I wonder how this installed-president (whose numbers are thankfully falling fast and will be worse than GW Bush's approval numbers) can even think about sitting down with Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro, Mugabe and Leonardo di Caprio.
But July 4th is about Freedom and you know somethin', it ain't free! You should be free not to pay taxes if you're like me and can take care of his family. You should be free to teach your kids anything you want at home. You should be free to not see a doctor or dentist if you don't want to and I don't and I could care less about paying for any health insurance. But, I do respect the hard-working people who run the patriotic health insurance corporations. They're good people who don't need government on their backs ready to shut them down with their own Communist plans. I also love doctors who charge you the full price for anything that they charge because they're hard-working patriotic folks who put themselves through years of tough schoolin' -- well I am suspicious of those doctors from those liberal colleges. Oh yes, and I ran into some kid doctors in the past who are against guns - what a bunch of bedwetting Communists.
On this July 4th, I'll be thinking about those who aren't free in places like Iran. You see, even Iran has a bunch of great people who hate that disgusting Ahmadinejad. I know in my heart that they are good oil-producing Muslims who can give us the supplies that we need. Why can't this Godless president think about invading Iran to free those people to work for us? Because Lil Hussein Obama doesn't have the guts to do it! The Gipper would have gone in. GW would have gone in! Huckabee would have invaded while taking the oath and you know what, Huckabee might do that when he's rushed into the Oval Office when takes over after Hussein's fall from grace.
Here we are just a few months into the failure of a presidency and our nation's independence is ready to fall as a result of this dictator's failed Socialistic policies. I have a major suggestion for my favorite he-man in Congress, the honorable John Boehner: Impeach Now! That is the only way we are going to get this country back on track. With his deep rich tan and filterless cigarettes, Rep. Boehner is the man who can stop the insanity in Washington, D.C.
On this July Fourth, I'm taking Delores and the boys to fireworks, but we are planning staging a massive Hattiesburg Tea Party. I hope y'all come and join us. Secular Progressives can come and maybe become educated on how much hard-working folks are taxed. They all have no idea what it's like to be taxed because they don't work. If they do work, they're doing useless things like writing clueless lefty blogs full of drivel or operating left-wing media outlets like PMSNBC. By they way, can we take that Godless left-wing nut Keith Olbermann and flog him? What a coddled spoiled baby. I'm sorry, but that's a sorry excuse for a man -- plain and simple. He gets on that rotten channel with his Secular Europe eyeglasses and spews hatred and venom at conservatives every night. I have to change the channel and pray that that wonderful Hebrew Bernie Goldberg is on FOX. He was on the other night and I wanted more. You see, Bernie was at CBS for years. While there, he found out that the network was run by anti-Nixon Atheists. Then, he wrote a tell-all book and has been coming on FOX pointing out how there is so much liberal bias on the media. It's like 8 libs to every 1 conservative in the media. I agree, but you would never know it through the MSM - Mainstream Media.
Anyway, I pray that on July Fourth, we all wake up and realize what a great nation this was. We were once safe and had low taxes. Now, we're open to jihadists who want to kill us. We now have a president who wants to throw us all out of work. They're coming to get us, but you know what? I'm ready. I hate to so down on the nation, but to be honest, it's all over. If you're just getting out of gov't-controlled school, you're going to realize that there isn't opportunity because Hussein Obama took it all away. Have a happy July 4th.