Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It drove him out of his cotton-pickin' mind

Everyone's picking on the South Carolina governor for walking into the wilderness. I can't say that I blame him. Sometimes I'm driven crazy for doing the right thing. You see, the honorable Mr. Sanford stood up to the far, far, huge left-wing federal government that told him to take money that wasn't his. Mr. Sanford said, "No thank you sir" and what did he get in return? Ridicule. Condemnation. Shame. All coming from the far left mainstream media that has been promoting this so-called president's Robinhood Agenda.

What's a good man to do when he's faced with something so large like this? What's he to do? I think it was in Job when it was said, "Thy deny stimulus money. It's not your money. It belongs to hard-working, Christian conservatives." I live that every day when I'm out on any plumbing call. It's their money until I charge them for a leaky faucet. That's when God has given me the blessing to charge thy client for my hard work.

So, to all you left-wing media members: Stop picking on Patriotic Governor Sanford. He just needed to clear his head from the trauma you put him through. It looks like he's returning to Columbia for y'all to kick around again. Y'all just amaze me.

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