Thursday, June 25, 2009

He spoke from his heart

OK, everyone's upset about Gov. Sanford. I'm not. He had lust in his pants. Even born again men like me get this, but sometimes we can't control it. So, Gov. Sanford fell off the tracks for the past eight years.

Now you lefties are out there saying that he's a hypocrite. Hypocrite is a word that the far left media created when they chased Rush around doctor shopping for his hurt back. But, y'all are out there saying here's a guy who didn't take the stimulus money and then he took state money to drive to Atlanta to fly out to talk with his Christian Latina lover in Argentina. First of all, it's right to use state money to do what it takes to repair your broken marriage. Governor Sanford went all the way down there to tell his beautiful mistress that she needs to find God again and be with her family. They agreed to it and he flew back to America -- after they made passionate hot Latino love for two days for the last time. OK, so the governor came back home to tell the world what happened. At least he came clean! At least he didn't say, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...."

Governor Sanford, if you're reading this, I'm with you. God is with you. Baby Jesus is with you. I know the good people of South Carolina are with you. Don't resign. Stay the course. Don't accept money that's not your's unless you need to do something that's patriotic or protects the USA.

Now, Mrs. Sanford, your honorable husband loves you and the boys. You're both good Christians who will be together forever. I know you'll make it through this mess even if the far left wing media keeps coming after you. Here's my message to the far left mainstream media: Leave the Sanfords alone! Keep your grubby paws off of Mrs. Sanford, Oprah!

A lot of you lefties are out there saying, "Oh, this is so like these conservatives!" Wrong! This is a problem for the far left like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer! This list goes on and on! Patriots like Governor Sanford, Senator Ensign, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Ronald Reagan, Rush and Sean -- WHOOPS! OK, I admit that I had a brief fling with Sean's wife back in the day, but at least I'm coming clean. We had lust in our pants at a conservative gathering, but we found God and we're good. You see, we're all not perfect, so good patriotic conservatives like us are excused when we fall off the tracks. When liberals play hanky panky with cigars in the Oval Office, we need to spend millions to investigate that -- because people like that enjoy less freedom, high taxes, abortion, secularism, drug use and so much more.

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