Monday, June 29, 2009

The folly of Cap and Trade

I've just been looking at stuff online about Cap and Trade. I heard that this ultra-liberal enviro-whacko stunt will kill our already Obamanomics-damaged economy even more. After going to a message board about this joke of a bill, I just learned that a lot of our congressmen have no idea what's in this clunker of a law! This whole thing could cost trillions of our hard-earned tax dollars to battle something that a bunch of tree-hugging, pro-Socialist, unemployed, state-sucking nutcases made up in their Commie red minds! This is a travesty on the largest of proportions and people like me, Joe the Plumber and Rep. Boehner are not going to take it anymore.
Here are the facts:
We need more energy to power up the things that make this country and her friends move around 24/7. Good ole clean coal, patriotic nuke plants, ultra-patriotic oil wells and Senator Carl Levin's Brylcreem can power up this great nation for the next 500 years. So y'all far left libs need to get over it. This Cap and Trade idea should be enough to get this installed-president impeached and removed soon.

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