Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notre Dame speech

There's so much fuss over Lil Hussein speaking at Notre Dame so I'm jumping in on this one. In an age when secularism has taken hold of the nation with debauchery in our schools and far left media, it's no wonder that we have such a president who fits into this vile, filthy puzzle. So, here we are with Lil Hussein showing up in a Holy institution to lecture us on the Value of Life. I'll tell you what: Lil Hussein has no right to speak on the Value of Life when he supports killing babies for so-called research and cloning. This speech was a disgrace to everyone that values human life. There's no argument here. I'm sorry, but inviting him there was poor judgment and whoever decided on this invitation, should be fired and tried in a court of Law. If it were up to me, I would have that abortion supporter locked up so that he couldn't harm more innocent life in the future.
OK, now I'm tired of people saying, "Well, you support the death penalty and torture..." So what! So what! Evildoers, rapists and their supporters are NO LONGER INNOCENT! So, yes, eliminate them!!! OK, supporters might get a chance at getting fixed, but those who commit crimes on those scales need to be silenced so that innocent lives are protected.
I'm sorry you naïve Secular Progressive Communist/Socialist Liberals. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
OK, I'm not playing God. I'm listening to God and He tells me what's morally right and wrong. Conservatives are right. Liberals are wrong. Tax cuts work. Tax increases don't. Killing babies is wrong. Saving them is right.
Do you see how simple this is? This is what I refer to when I'm talking about a Christ-centered life which I and millions of others subscribe to. Barack Hussein Obama is a Secular Progressive who uses the excuse of Godless Science to funnel money to homosexual medicine people so that they can create more homosexual medicine people. If that happens for the next 50 years, then there will be fewer Americans on Earth which will mean we will be weaker and there will be an evetual surrender to the Jihadists. I thank God that another beautiful African-American, Alan Keyes show his disgust with Lil Hussein at ND. Dr. Keyes is an amazing, brilliant man who believes in low/no taxes, strong military that eliminates terrorists and leades a pro-life, Christ-centered existence. I love Dr. Keyes so much. If you ever read this sir, please come over to my shed where I will worship you--just don't surprise me because I might get a heart attack from the over-excitement of your presence.I loved it when you ran for president and gave an example to kids in New Hampshire that bashing a child over the head is what an abortion doctor does. That was so incredible that I have that on a gold DVD and play it when I'm down. God Bless Alan Keyes!

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