Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wiccan House Speaker of the Castro District in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi is a liar. There, I said it again. Why? Because she knew that patriotic torture was going on and rightly so. Then, when her installed-president is in power, she acts like she never knew that torture was going on and that patriotic leaders like GW Bush, Dick Cheney, gorgeous Condy Rice, the honorable Donald Rumsfeld ought to pay the ultimate price.
Let's clear all of this up right now, you idiotic Pelosi: You're a Secular-Progressive witch who knew that we gained valuable information from horrible terrorists who wanted to kill us back then! I could care less if we waterboarded those people. If a few of them were innocent, so what? They were probably connected in some way. We gave them enough justice, food, clothing and medicine all of these years. We shouldn't have given them anything, but you know what? We did anyway. Y'all whined that the Bush folks were making you agree with them because it would have been political suicide. C'mon! You knew torture was the right thing to do then and it's still the right thing to do now. Why the change? Because that inexperienced Secular-Progressive president is in power and you're doing everything you can to soften him and then call all of the shots when he's not looking. Y'all are a waste and dangerous to our country. Hello McFly, you're making us less safe! That patriotic senator from Missouri said it all. Do you remember that this War on Islamo-Fascists is still on now more than ever? Just because Hillary Clinton took the words out don't mean that it's over. As the honorable Mr. Rumsfeld said, "This is a war that lasts forever!" He told the truth and you rotten liberals ran him out of town! God help us when they come to attack again. We were safe for 7 years. Now we're not! Stop selling us out and do the right thing by resigning and turning over your job to good, solid pro-American folk like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the wonderful Gary Bauer who can bring God back into the home or village schools run by good straight obedient women; put most our money into national defense; and scrap everything else by privating!!!!!
Now, you're going to release these awful terrorists from Gitmo? I hope they all come to San Francisco and attack y'all. Believe me, they'll win because you don't believe in defending yerselves!

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Rob said...

I read the sentence "Wiccan House Speaker of the Castro District in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi is a liar." and almost couldn't finish the article I was laughing so hard. I have tears in my eyes now. Bill White, I think you will save America.

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