Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some gave all

As I sit here in my shed with no plumbing business to attend to, I think of all the sacrifices of those who gave all. Yes, I'm shedding tears as I pound these thoughts into this blog while sitting on a rusty metal chair. I'll be grilling the venison in a bit while Delores will be baking the cherry pies. Every year we do this and I cry while she and the boys roll their eyes. Don't get me wrong. They know how serious Memorial Day weekend is, but they look at me cry while I give my speech about sacrificing. Boy, I wish I could ship those boys off to those wars, but Delores rebuffs my wishes. I think they could use the discipline because I'm always afraid that they can go on the drink at any minute.

But, this is Memorial Day weekend when we honor our fallen soldiers. Sure, the liberals say they honor them too, but actions are different from words. In an age when righteous militarism is being weakend and terrorists being let loose, I see a bunch of intellectuals willing to belittle the sacrifices of those fallen soldiers. So, I cry and I find myself crying more than ever because I see freedom dying right in front of me, I all of my hard work here not making much of a difference. But, I forge on with this crusade because I know that I'll be rewarded when I meet Baby Jesus and the Lord Almighty.

Liberalism, Secularism, Islamo-Fascism, Taxism, Communism, Socialism will all die one day. I know that from the bottom of my heart. So, I honor our fallen soldiers with my iced tea, venison, mashed potatoes, cherry pie, bad knees and a rusty chair in a leaky shed in Mississippi. As I gaze out the back window, I'm reminded of a time before I saw Jesus -- when nothing mattered to me and I cry.

God Bless,
Bill Orvis White

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Call it like you see it

I heard that the patriotic Republicans want to call the left-wing Democrats - the Democrat-Socialist Party. YES!!!!! Go get 'em!!!!! Finally the Republicans have the guts to do something to battle this Godless far, far overreaching left government. Like Rush says all the time: Words mean things. So, if you call those other people Democrat-Socialists, you've gotten off to a good start. The next steps will come easy including, the eradication of Secularism, the removal of Wiccan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rightful God-given election of the honorable former governor of Arkansas, Michael Huckabee. So, call them Democrat-Socialists. They hate enjoyment and love taxes. They want to release terrorists and take a vacation from history. Finally, real patriots are stepping up to the plate to put an end to this insanity. It's all just starting! Lil Hussein is caving and going down. It's only a matter of time. Whoo-hoo, I never felt so alive.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notre Dame speech

There's so much fuss over Lil Hussein speaking at Notre Dame so I'm jumping in on this one. In an age when secularism has taken hold of the nation with debauchery in our schools and far left media, it's no wonder that we have such a president who fits into this vile, filthy puzzle. So, here we are with Lil Hussein showing up in a Holy institution to lecture us on the Value of Life. I'll tell you what: Lil Hussein has no right to speak on the Value of Life when he supports killing babies for so-called research and cloning. This speech was a disgrace to everyone that values human life. There's no argument here. I'm sorry, but inviting him there was poor judgment and whoever decided on this invitation, should be fired and tried in a court of Law. If it were up to me, I would have that abortion supporter locked up so that he couldn't harm more innocent life in the future.
OK, now I'm tired of people saying, "Well, you support the death penalty and torture..." So what! So what! Evildoers, rapists and their supporters are NO LONGER INNOCENT! So, yes, eliminate them!!! OK, supporters might get a chance at getting fixed, but those who commit crimes on those scales need to be silenced so that innocent lives are protected.
I'm sorry you naïve Secular Progressive Communist/Socialist Liberals. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
OK, I'm not playing God. I'm listening to God and He tells me what's morally right and wrong. Conservatives are right. Liberals are wrong. Tax cuts work. Tax increases don't. Killing babies is wrong. Saving them is right.
Do you see how simple this is? This is what I refer to when I'm talking about a Christ-centered life which I and millions of others subscribe to. Barack Hussein Obama is a Secular Progressive who uses the excuse of Godless Science to funnel money to homosexual medicine people so that they can create more homosexual medicine people. If that happens for the next 50 years, then there will be fewer Americans on Earth which will mean we will be weaker and there will be an evetual surrender to the Jihadists. I thank God that another beautiful African-American, Alan Keyes show his disgust with Lil Hussein at ND. Dr. Keyes is an amazing, brilliant man who believes in low/no taxes, strong military that eliminates terrorists and leades a pro-life, Christ-centered existence. I love Dr. Keyes so much. If you ever read this sir, please come over to my shed where I will worship you--just don't surprise me because I might get a heart attack from the over-excitement of your presence.I loved it when you ran for president and gave an example to kids in New Hampshire that bashing a child over the head is what an abortion doctor does. That was so incredible that I have that on a gold DVD and play it when I'm down. God Bless Alan Keyes!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teabaggery, patriotic torture and my hero, Mr. Cheney

The following are a collection of serious thoughts that I have been including on some other lefty blogs including my Godless fellow blogger Chez. Since he's been kind enough to link me, I'll return the favor right here: Chez's anti-American/pro-Secular Europe/pro-weak US Defense blog -- just to show all of my fellow conservative bloggers just what these good-meaning, yet clueless leftists are up to these days.

Our forefathers never meant for gov't to expand the way it has. So here we are with Obamanomics exploding our deficit to historic levels and we defiant Teabaggers are here to say no more handouts!
I suppose you liberals don't understand how your taxes are calculated. Well, I calculate my own and my fed taxes are too dang high! If I could keep my money, I could buy Delores the velvet lifesize Elvis portrait that she's been wanting for 30 years. I could hire that special boy Darren (who takes pictures of everything and I mean everything) down the street to sweep my shed out. You see, if I get to keep more of my money, I will buy more and create jobs. With a little money left over, I can put the funds into the church donation box. But, since Mr. Obama wishes to confiscate my money and send it up the river to liberals and illegals who don't deserve it, well then, I can't help the economy grow. As I repeat like a broken Toby Keith CD, this president's economy is a failure and it needs to be stopped.
We need to eliminate taxes and you will see jobs popping up like dandelions that are growing around my 150 that I wrecked and is up on blocks.
Happy days will be here again when every man can provide for his lady. Soldiers can go back to practicing enhanced interrogation techniques. Marriage between a man and a woman will be protected. And good clean TV like Hee Haw will be #1!!!!! You see, we teabaggers have always been right. We're holding our heads up high to annoy all of you Godless Libs. We are the majority and the mainstream: hard-working conservative and God-fearing folk who want government out of our lives-except for our churches, schools and bedrooms. Rush and Mr. Cheney said not to compromise and I won't! Rush never compromised when he ran out of patriotic Oxycontin. Richard Cheney never compromised with that Socialist Sen. Leahy when he got in that old Pinko's face and said, "Go *uck yourself!" That stands as one of the US's best moments in history--right after Mr. Reagan telling Mr. Gorbachev to tear that wall down.Richard Cheney is golden.

After seeing Mr. Cheney swatting that clueless Bob Schieffer's questions on liberal CBS this weekend, I'm more convinced that Jesus and God know that the Bush administration did the right thing by instituting coercive techniques and opening up Gitmo.
So go ahead and sling words at me, Mr. Cheney and everyone else who helped to keep you safe for almost eight years. You know that there is right and wrong in life. The Islamists who want to destroy us are wrong and must be dealt with accordingly. God and Baby Jesus will judge us when we meet them. I know that they will understand and reward Richard Cheney. I know, you're gasping right now. Do you something? Richard Cheney loves his country and he fears for it because Secular Progressives like you and our installed-president are weak on everything and defense is at the top of the list.
I just heard Rush and he read my formerly alcohol-soaked brain. He said that Mr. Cheney doesn't have an agenda. He can go out and golf and hunt if he so wishes. But he decided to go on a crusade through the far left media to warn them that what this so-called adminstration is doing is flat-out dangerous!
When will you wake up and realize that history will prove that the Bush Doctrine was the right course of action? I'm warning y'all right now that cancelling these much-needed programs like waterboarding and Gitmo will provoke an attack on our soil that even I cannot imagine. Pulling out of Iraq when the Surge was becoming successful will provoke another attack that we will not be able to rise up from. That's why it's essential to stock up and be ready with canned goods, weapons, duct tape and photos of Sean Hannity in your deep underground bunker. Oh yeah, did I mention the full Rush Limbaugh audio/video/text library is also essential in the bunker?

Hello McFlys, they all want to kill us for our freedom, SUVs and Dennis Miller!
If Jesus were alive today, I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem with enhanced interrogative techniques if it means it all saves millions or even billions of good, innocent lives even if many of those lives wish to have a massive nanny state.
We need to return to a Christ-centered world whereby we worship human life.
God Bless all of you SPs out there.
-Bill Orvis White

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wiccan House Speaker of the Castro District in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi is a liar. There, I said it again. Why? Because she knew that patriotic torture was going on and rightly so. Then, when her installed-president is in power, she acts like she never knew that torture was going on and that patriotic leaders like GW Bush, Dick Cheney, gorgeous Condy Rice, the honorable Donald Rumsfeld ought to pay the ultimate price.
Let's clear all of this up right now, you idiotic Pelosi: You're a Secular-Progressive witch who knew that we gained valuable information from horrible terrorists who wanted to kill us back then! I could care less if we waterboarded those people. If a few of them were innocent, so what? They were probably connected in some way. We gave them enough justice, food, clothing and medicine all of these years. We shouldn't have given them anything, but you know what? We did anyway. Y'all whined that the Bush folks were making you agree with them because it would have been political suicide. C'mon! You knew torture was the right thing to do then and it's still the right thing to do now. Why the change? Because that inexperienced Secular-Progressive president is in power and you're doing everything you can to soften him and then call all of the shots when he's not looking. Y'all are a waste and dangerous to our country. Hello McFly, you're making us less safe! That patriotic senator from Missouri said it all. Do you remember that this War on Islamo-Fascists is still on now more than ever? Just because Hillary Clinton took the words out don't mean that it's over. As the honorable Mr. Rumsfeld said, "This is a war that lasts forever!" He told the truth and you rotten liberals ran him out of town! God help us when they come to attack again. We were safe for 7 years. Now we're not! Stop selling us out and do the right thing by resigning and turning over your job to good, solid pro-American folk like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the wonderful Gary Bauer who can bring God back into the home or village schools run by good straight obedient women; put most our money into national defense; and scrap everything else by privating!!!!!
Now, you're going to release these awful terrorists from Gitmo? I hope they all come to San Francisco and attack y'all. Believe me, they'll win because you don't believe in defending yerselves!