Friday, April 3, 2009


I don't do today's abbreviations and jargon much, but I'm going to do it now: WTF?
What is Hussein Obama doing trying to make nicey-nice with Secular Europe? OK, you SPs out there are probably saying that Sarkozy fella is different, but once a whimpy French Godless "Man" always a whimpy French Godless "Man." After giving away our secrets and strength, Hussein goes over to suck it up to the French people who hate us for our freedom and power. I'm sorry, but why didn't we invade France right after World War II? They're snobby. They're Secularists. They failed to stare down Hitler. They kicked the Hebrews out. They have no idea how to hunt so they eat snails to survive. They get drunk on their girly wine. What good ever came out of Peace-At-Any-Price France? Oh, there is one: Nuclear Power! Yeah, baby! You woose-asses actually got one thing right, but you what do you power up? Your rotten restaurants? In short, France sucks and we have an installed president who caves into them. Oh sweet Baby Jesus and God, what's this world coming to?

And I saw what that slobby leader of England said. He said that we aren't going to listen to Washington anymore. Well, I don't listen to Washington, I listen to Jackson, Mississippi, God, Jesus and Bill Orvis White's instincts. Rugged individualism I say! So Mr. Slobby England with yer funny accent, go ahead and don't listen to Washington. Listen to your Queen, you whimp. If you don't respect us in America, then we don't need you.

This G-20 thing was a waste of time. I'm sure my taxes went to pay for these intellectual leaders to get together and put on this phony show for the world. Come back home Hussein and let's work on removing you from office so that Mike Huckabee can come in and clean up your huge mess!

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