Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Patriotic Dick Cheney is RIGHT

An Open Letter to the most patriotic man on earth, Former Vice President Richard Cheney:

I love you, Dick Cheney. History loves you as well. When you said that America has become weaker in the first few months of the Hussein Obama administration, you were right on! It was unpopular, yes. So what? You are following your instincts which say that you must do what it takes to protect America from those who wish to harm it.
Mr. Former Vice President, I'm scared. We are being taxed to death. We are being subjected to harsh tree-hugging environmentalists who are killing our jobs. We are being sold out by a Secretary of State and president who are apologizing to Secular Europe. The tools that are being used to get information out of the terrorists are being taken away from our fighting men who were doing a great job at preventing future attacks. The Surge was working. Our fighting machines are going away.

So what do we do now Mr. Former Vice President? I'm telling you what I'm doing. I'm building a survival hut stocked with cash, food, water, weaponry, ammunition and the entire Rush Limbaugh audio and video library. I'm preparing for when these anti-Americans, anti-life, anti-Christians/Hebrews are coming to get me and my family.
God Bless you for all your efforts. I so love you.
-Bill Orvis White

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