Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Global Warming?

OK, I'm freezing my fat butt off in April in the South. That goes to show you that Global Warming is a hoax. End of discussion. Fire up the coal plants. Throw more fuel and water into the nuke reactors. Drill for more oil, baby and shut up about how we're losing ice shelves in places that we could care less about. Oh yeah, burn up all the docudramas that have scientific proof that we have an environmental crisis. Find the Secular Progressive whimps who write and make up this crap and jail them. You enviro-whacko-nuts and berries-vegetarian-Godless morons can go climb up in those ole rotted-out trees to live until I come over and chop the things down.

Y'all are weak and are making us weaker. Now we have a president who wrecked the economy through environmental regulations and high taxes. How do y'all feel now?

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