Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was there!

What can I say? I had the time of my life! Sean and Joe The Plumber, I love you! We finally got fair treatment from a media outlet that is looking out for honest, hard-working, God/Jesus-fearing folk like me. The drive from Hattiesburg in the 150 was worth it! I joined thousands of others who get up every morning, get showered, see the wife and kids off and soldier on by expanding the economy 10-15 hours a day or more. We're sick and tired of a humongous faceless government that confiscates our dollars. They don't want us to choose our doctors or schools, but they'll choose to take our babies away, put our teenagers on the drink and drugs, kill our churches and synagogues, sell us out to the Mexicans, Communists, Islamo-Fascists, Secular Europe and SPs who want to take God out of everything including The Pledge. We got together last night and said, "Enough is enough! Don't Tread On Me!" We're tired of lazy, good-for-nothing Secular Progessive elitist bloodsuckers from the US coasts, Canada and Secular Europe who think they're better than us. We want our country back, you liberal Obama lovers. You are destroying our nation through this out-of-control, ridiculous tax code and massive handouts that will cost our great-grandchildren and their children! You McFlys who voted for this progressive government are finished. We are here and energized. I'm more convinced than ever that we will have a President Huckabee in the White House ready to end the handouts, return a culture of life to the world and give the people their money back.
It was also great to see Mike Huckabee, Glenn, Neal, Greta, Bill and Newt on the big monitors during Sean's show. It was like my other Gods were talking to me. People love the new media as seen on FNC, the Internet and talk radio. It's all cutting-edge media that is killing the left-wing mainstream media. All of the newspapers and old-time TV channels are thankfully dying. One day, we'll have more channels like FNC.
I'll have more thoughts here, but I'm telling y'all, 4-15-2009 was the night of my life. Delores, Kyle and Dale are energized as well. Oh, and I know you SPs are out there saying that you don't care what we did and our president didn't notice. You're all wrong! Mr. Hussein Obama is now shaking in his boots. He knows the end of his term is near. He's playing a shell game by telling us that we're getting a tax cut. No "sir," we're not getting any cut with all of those programs that you're putting together like, how cows pass gas and buying snow tires for your cars in Chicago. Mr. Hussein Obama, you know you're wrong on everything. It's time to hand over the keys to the honorable former governor of Arkansas, Mr. Mike Huckabee. Please leave before more damage is done to us and our future.
God Bless America, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and my family,
Bill Orvis White

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