Thursday, April 9, 2009

Headin' back to Georgia

You can see that I put this photo to the right because that's where everything in life should be. That's the Georgia state capitol and guess what? I'm heading there on Government Confiscation Day. Me and a zillion other like-minded, hard-working, over-taxed Americans are joining to protest the burdensome, meddling, ridiculous tax code. Delores, Dale, Kyle and me are loading up the 150 with cases of tea bags and a bunch of signs.

This is gonna be a huge party like no other. I know the Dominant Liberal Media Culture will be there to mock us, but I could care less because we have more of our own media who will be there to protect us. Thank God Sean Hannity will be there live! I hope I can get close to him. I would have to put Sean about third on my list of those whom I worship: God, Jesus, Sean and then my wife and boys, Rush, Ann, my pastor Rev. Sparks and Ernie (my Bible study buddy).

We will be there to tell the world that we're not gonna take it anymore. I know a lot of the folks will be kind and yell about reforming the code with lower rates and the FAIRTax, but I'm taking further. I propose to totally scrap the entire system and shut down most of government. No more confiscatory tax policies, ever! No more handouts, ever!

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