Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100 Days Report Card

Why does the MSM have to make such a huge deal over this 100 days thing? Who cares? I'll give you my report card on this disaster:

Foreign dealings: F-

Little Hussein travels to Secular Europe and practically inserts his tongue into every America hater's mouth. He said that he went to England to listen to them. I'm sorry but you don't tell the Brits that you're going to listen to them. You go over there and tell them that there is a War on Terror and you must stay on board. If you don't, then we'll invade your butts and eradicate the Islamists that are multiplying in your sewers. And no, I'm not anti-Muslim for the millionth time! We have the technology to weed out the good apples who can make oil for us and the bad apples who want to kill us.

Oh, then there's France. What more can I say? Sarko might be OK and fall in line, but Little Hussein's not doing that. If I were president, I would say, look, you got a great idea with your nuke plants. Let's put your lazy citizens, North Africans and Polish men to work in them. Y'all could power up half of the world. Oh yeah, stop that silly French cuisine. That food's ridiculous! How about taking the ladies and showing them some good ole fashioned Southern US cooking and the other half can become teachers.

Ah, the great Red Chinese -- good for keeping our prices low at Dollar General and Walmart! Just keep on making my plastics and electronics and y'all will catch onto democracy one day. I'm not worried about the Chinese because they work hard to serve us, but again, Little Hussein might sell out to them and their buddies, the North Koreans.

Somalia-Should have bombed them and explored for oil when we would have taken them over. These pirates are a waste of time and precious money.

Cuba and Chavez- This one I cannot believe. I guess Little Husssein loves his Secular brothers Castro and Chavez. Go get drunk with them, Hussein! They're your pals who won't help you. Hugo's got the oil, but he's sitting on it laughing at you with a fat cigar hanging out of his mouth. Believe me, they'll act like your best buds until they steal everything you got.

Terrorism is the main problem here. You Secular Progressives are so naive. I love and pray for y'all, but you're McFlys who don't get it. Now we have a leader who doesn't get it either. Rogue nations with enemy combatants need to be stared down and taken out. It's plain dumb that we can sit down with Iran, Russia and Pakistan and try to talk our way out. It's like a cat inside of a paper bag -- just pawing at scraps. It just don't make sense to talk with terrorist nations that come on our soil to the Godless United Nations and lecture us, the leaders in this world. But you know something, you idiot SPs, we won't be the leaders because of you and your pro-homosexual, anti-Christian/Hebrew/Good Oil-Producing Muslim leaders. It's time to throw some good ole American coffee down yer throats and defend yerselves!

Wall Street - F-
Little Hussein needs to let the free market work, period. Some of my buddies think that I'm wrong on this, but those hard-working fellas who achieved so much in life, need to have the tools to keep operating. I'm hiding my money in my gun vault for another reason. Hussein is coming after my money and guns. Let the big successful boys clean up the financial mess that was originally created by Bill Clinton.

Oh yes, you failed us on taxes too, Little Hussein. FAIRTax? It's OK, but let's scrap the whole things. You need water? Dig a well! You want some schooling? Get yer MaMa to learn you! You want a doctor for the deep cut? Pay the full price for it at the hospital where your doctor worked so hard to achieve that degree he earned.

Healthcare - F-

Here we go again for more Socialism! I'm scared that Little Hussein is going to confiscate my paycheck to pay for unemployed illegals' healthcare. I propose keeping the illegals to work at Walmart and/or put them in the military. Still, let the hard-working patriotic achieving healthcare companies do what they do best: charging premium premiums for those who can afford because they worked so hard. Me, I don't have no health insurance. I can take care of myself thank you very much. I don't whine like so many of you Secular Progressives do out there.

Schools and Religion - F-

In the early 1960s, Big Gov't kicked God and Baby Jesus out of the schools onto the front doorsteps never to be allowed back in again. Look what happened: Teen pregnancy, abortion, so-called equal rights, drug use and secularism exploded ever since. Just like the MSM newspapers, public schools are failing. Now that we have a far, far, far left gov't in place, the hope for vouchers looks to be dead. The people need to rise up and school themselves or fight like hell to get vouchers going again. Little Hussein is going to impose a Big Gov't education agenda whereby 4-year-olds are going to learn a gay curriculum laced with urgings to smoke the funny weed and to become Communist intellectuals.

The final result:
Little Hussein needs to be removed from the White House and replaced by former Gov. Mike Huckabee. If this doesn't happen, I fear for the union's future. It's no wonder that we might see Texas, Georgia and my home state of MS secede very soon. We don't want the Feds telling us what we can and cannot do with our money.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lord I miss them!

I miss Condy Rice and Dick Cheney. There I admit it. I'm not ashamed of it. Their record on the War on Terror will always stand as first-rate. You so-called conservatives out there who want to abandon the Bush Doctrine's commitment to eradicating terror, I say, "Shame on you!" Go ahead and join the clueless McFlys who are jumping around and screaming that, "We torture!" Condy and Dick support the use of coercive techniques to extract necessary information out of those who want to kill us, OK? It's that simple. So why is Mr. Hussein Obama going after those who honorable served under Mr. Cheney and the gorgeous, intelligent Ms. Rice? Because far, far, far,far, far left-wing Web sites, blogs, dying mainstream liberal rags (thank God and Jesus they're going out of business), Hollywood and television networks (excluding FOX-God I love them so much -- note to self: kiss the FOX building when visiting Godless New York).

Why, oh why are we giving up the use of finding out information from key players in terrorist networks? What's wrong with the Obama administration? What's wrong with our country and its people? Hello! Is anyone out there!?

Instead, we are selling out. Look at what happens when a leader becomes best friends with a murdering dictator! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this photo:

This is beyond sick. Wake up, my pals! We are at war and don't need to be coddling these awful tyrants!

God Bless, Bill Orvis White

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was there!

What can I say? I had the time of my life! Sean and Joe The Plumber, I love you! We finally got fair treatment from a media outlet that is looking out for honest, hard-working, God/Jesus-fearing folk like me. The drive from Hattiesburg in the 150 was worth it! I joined thousands of others who get up every morning, get showered, see the wife and kids off and soldier on by expanding the economy 10-15 hours a day or more. We're sick and tired of a humongous faceless government that confiscates our dollars. They don't want us to choose our doctors or schools, but they'll choose to take our babies away, put our teenagers on the drink and drugs, kill our churches and synagogues, sell us out to the Mexicans, Communists, Islamo-Fascists, Secular Europe and SPs who want to take God out of everything including The Pledge. We got together last night and said, "Enough is enough! Don't Tread On Me!" We're tired of lazy, good-for-nothing Secular Progessive elitist bloodsuckers from the US coasts, Canada and Secular Europe who think they're better than us. We want our country back, you liberal Obama lovers. You are destroying our nation through this out-of-control, ridiculous tax code and massive handouts that will cost our great-grandchildren and their children! You McFlys who voted for this progressive government are finished. We are here and energized. I'm more convinced than ever that we will have a President Huckabee in the White House ready to end the handouts, return a culture of life to the world and give the people their money back.
It was also great to see Mike Huckabee, Glenn, Neal, Greta, Bill and Newt on the big monitors during Sean's show. It was like my other Gods were talking to me. People love the new media as seen on FNC, the Internet and talk radio. It's all cutting-edge media that is killing the left-wing mainstream media. All of the newspapers and old-time TV channels are thankfully dying. One day, we'll have more channels like FNC.
I'll have more thoughts here, but I'm telling y'all, 4-15-2009 was the night of my life. Delores, Kyle and Dale are energized as well. Oh, and I know you SPs are out there saying that you don't care what we did and our president didn't notice. You're all wrong! Mr. Hussein Obama is now shaking in his boots. He knows the end of his term is near. He's playing a shell game by telling us that we're getting a tax cut. No "sir," we're not getting any cut with all of those programs that you're putting together like, how cows pass gas and buying snow tires for your cars in Chicago. Mr. Hussein Obama, you know you're wrong on everything. It's time to hand over the keys to the honorable former governor of Arkansas, Mr. Mike Huckabee. Please leave before more damage is done to us and our future.
God Bless America, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and my family,
Bill Orvis White

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Headin' back to Georgia

You can see that I put this photo to the right because that's where everything in life should be. That's the Georgia state capitol and guess what? I'm heading there on Government Confiscation Day. Me and a zillion other like-minded, hard-working, over-taxed Americans are joining to protest the burdensome, meddling, ridiculous tax code. Delores, Dale, Kyle and me are loading up the 150 with cases of tea bags and a bunch of signs.

This is gonna be a huge party like no other. I know the Dominant Liberal Media Culture will be there to mock us, but I could care less because we have more of our own media who will be there to protect us. Thank God Sean Hannity will be there live! I hope I can get close to him. I would have to put Sean about third on my list of those whom I worship: God, Jesus, Sean and then my wife and boys, Rush, Ann, my pastor Rev. Sparks and Ernie (my Bible study buddy).

We will be there to tell the world that we're not gonna take it anymore. I know a lot of the folks will be kind and yell about reforming the code with lower rates and the FAIRTax, but I'm taking further. I propose to totally scrap the entire system and shut down most of government. No more confiscatory tax policies, ever! No more handouts, ever!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Patriotic Dick Cheney is RIGHT

An Open Letter to the most patriotic man on earth, Former Vice President Richard Cheney:

I love you, Dick Cheney. History loves you as well. When you said that America has become weaker in the first few months of the Hussein Obama administration, you were right on! It was unpopular, yes. So what? You are following your instincts which say that you must do what it takes to protect America from those who wish to harm it.
Mr. Former Vice President, I'm scared. We are being taxed to death. We are being subjected to harsh tree-hugging environmentalists who are killing our jobs. We are being sold out by a Secretary of State and president who are apologizing to Secular Europe. The tools that are being used to get information out of the terrorists are being taken away from our fighting men who were doing a great job at preventing future attacks. The Surge was working. Our fighting machines are going away.

So what do we do now Mr. Former Vice President? I'm telling you what I'm doing. I'm building a survival hut stocked with cash, food, water, weaponry, ammunition and the entire Rush Limbaugh audio and video library. I'm preparing for when these anti-Americans, anti-life, anti-Christians/Hebrews are coming to get me and my family.
God Bless you for all your efforts. I so love you.
-Bill Orvis White

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Global Warming?

OK, I'm freezing my fat butt off in April in the South. That goes to show you that Global Warming is a hoax. End of discussion. Fire up the coal plants. Throw more fuel and water into the nuke reactors. Drill for more oil, baby and shut up about how we're losing ice shelves in places that we could care less about. Oh yeah, burn up all the docudramas that have scientific proof that we have an environmental crisis. Find the Secular Progressive whimps who write and make up this crap and jail them. You enviro-whacko-nuts and berries-vegetarian-Godless morons can go climb up in those ole rotted-out trees to live until I come over and chop the things down.

Y'all are weak and are making us weaker. Now we have a president who wrecked the economy through environmental regulations and high taxes. How do y'all feel now?

Friday, April 3, 2009


I don't do today's abbreviations and jargon much, but I'm going to do it now: WTF?
What is Hussein Obama doing trying to make nicey-nice with Secular Europe? OK, you SPs out there are probably saying that Sarkozy fella is different, but once a whimpy French Godless "Man" always a whimpy French Godless "Man." After giving away our secrets and strength, Hussein goes over to suck it up to the French people who hate us for our freedom and power. I'm sorry, but why didn't we invade France right after World War II? They're snobby. They're Secularists. They failed to stare down Hitler. They kicked the Hebrews out. They have no idea how to hunt so they eat snails to survive. They get drunk on their girly wine. What good ever came out of Peace-At-Any-Price France? Oh, there is one: Nuclear Power! Yeah, baby! You woose-asses actually got one thing right, but you what do you power up? Your rotten restaurants? In short, France sucks and we have an installed president who caves into them. Oh sweet Baby Jesus and God, what's this world coming to?

And I saw what that slobby leader of England said. He said that we aren't going to listen to Washington anymore. Well, I don't listen to Washington, I listen to Jackson, Mississippi, God, Jesus and Bill Orvis White's instincts. Rugged individualism I say! So Mr. Slobby England with yer funny accent, go ahead and don't listen to Washington. Listen to your Queen, you whimp. If you don't respect us in America, then we don't need you.

This G-20 thing was a waste of time. I'm sure my taxes went to pay for these intellectual leaders to get together and put on this phony show for the world. Come back home Hussein and let's work on removing you from office so that Mike Huckabee can come in and clean up your huge mess!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If I had choices

This song speaks to me like no other. "If I had choices/I wouldn't be here today." It brings tears to my eyes. For those who don't know, I did a 360 with my 150 into a Mississippi ditch over 30 years ago. My life was a mess at the time with my drinking. I must have gone through 3-5 Jim Beams fifths each week. My life changed forever when Jesus pulled me out of that truck. To make my long story short, I went to night school to become a plumber. But that's about me. Just click on this George Jones classic and enjoy.