Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why there will be a President Huckabee in March '10

I was sitting down after eating Delores' cherry pie when the president came on my TV last night. I confess that this is probably the beginning of the end. He looked nervous trying to answer questions from those secular progressive reporters who seemed to be doing their jobs for the moment. I'm sure they'll go back to idolizing him very soon.

By this time next year, I know the country will make the right choice by telling the president to resign leading the way for Mike Huckabee to take his place. Everyone knows that this big government agenda is not working and before it gets even more out of control, we must stop him. If I had to give a grade out, it would have to be an F-. Dale got a few of those in school which I didn't really care about because I knew that he was going to fail anyway. So, I told Dale, "Look, you're no good at this English thing. No big deal. Just find a trade and stick with it." So, he found out that he's good at welding. Dale got straight A's in that and now look at him. Dale goes around town welding signs. You see, God and Baby Jesus assign you certain things in life. They knew that George W. Bush was destined to be the best president ever. This president we have now operated against nature. Barack Hussein Obama was chosen to help his folk out back home in that big ole city of Chicago. But, a bunch of secular progressives in the big corrupt political machine up there saw to it to go against nature and find a way to make the president. Somehow a bunch of people voted who were either illegal or illegitimate voted this guy into office. I'll say it again: Why didn't they investigate Virginia and North Carolina? It's just plain wrong. You know something: I will be right just like Rush, Ann, Sean, Bill, Laura, Dennis, Michael and all the rest who go out there as good Christian/Hebrew soldiers fighting for the right values.

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