Friday, March 20, 2009

Dom. Lib. Media Culture

After seeing that the president showed up on the Jay Leno show, I had to write a few thoughts here. This is total evidence of the Dominant Liberal Media Culture. Rush always talked about this and he is so on the money. Everyone is falling all over this and gloating today (March 20, 2009). It just makes me sick. Would GW, Cheney, Rev. Warren, Ann Coulter, Toby Keith or Rush himself get this star softball treatment? The answer is of course, NO! God-fearing, Christ-centered folks like me -- and there are millions -- feel alienated because the liberal media worlds in New York and Los Angeles make fun of the values that we hold dear. All you have to do is read the papers or watch that Couric lady on TV and you'll see that they cheerlead for more gun control and big government. So when I see blatant liberal bias like I did on the Jay Leno program, I feel sick to my stomach. Yes, Leno had McCain and gorgeous Sara on, but this is the president of the free world. Yeah, Leno acted like he was speaking for us, but that was a set-up to get people on Obama's side so that he will pass his big government agenda down our throats to take away our guns and sign us all up for a Soviet-style health care system. I'm not waiting in an emergency room for three days after I shoot my foot off from trying to find dinner. No way, Mr. President! Where's the outrage over this! Can't anyone see that Obama is swinging through liberal California to sell higher taxes to the country? What has this world come to?


Marshall said...

Is this a joke. If so this is amazing in the consistency of point of view. But wow.

Bill White-God, Guns, Country and Toby Keith said...

Thank you, Marshall. I see things straight down the line according to the Good Book. Also, I like your first name. One of my favorite bands is The Marshall Tucker Band. Did you ever hear of them?
Seriously, our good secular progressive friend Chez is so naive. He has no idea that hard working folk like you and me get our paychecks confiscated by the big government in Washington. Chez sounds like a pampered spoiled boy from the big city who has to hire everyone to do everything for him and that includes the hunters who find his meals. Like Ted Nugent says, "You're hiring the assassins who find your meat for dinner." I'm out here everyday looking at liberal sites like his to tell the people that they have no idea what's happening to this once-great country. GW Bush tried to make it number one, but the liberal media and Congress stopped him. Now it's time for all of us to stop this huge left-wing government from its harmful agenda. God Bless, Bill Orvis White