Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Culture of life

How about someone who fights for a culture of life?

I say it every single day: "What's happening to this country?" I don't want to say it every single day, but I have to these days. You see, we went from being a country that celebrates life to one that celebrates death. My hero GW Bush said no using human eggs as if they were the main dish over at Denny's on Washington Avenue in Ocean Springs. I'm sorry, but all you scientists and school-read folks out there are plain sick. Anyone who knows about a Christ-centered life knows that this stem cell thing is wrong and out of control. What's next? Are they going to duplicate people like robots? I'm telling you that the world really won't need men like that red-headed lesbian from the New York Times writes about. Those mad secular progressive scientists will just sit in their laboratories producing copies of lesbian women who will turn this once-great nation into one big gay commune in a few years.

That's why I love that Boehner fella from Ohio. Now if you're ever gonna do any duplicatin', copy this he-man up a million times, gentlemen. Just look at him. He's muscular, trim, tanned and ready to fight the liberals to the death. If we had thousands of John Boehners running this great land, we wouldn't have any crime. The evildoers like these scientists would be put away so that they couldn't do any more harm to our future.

I like a guy who fights for America's values, not some over-educated Harvard-type who talks down to you as if you just stumbled out of the Mississippi Delta over having your head under water for a few days. I'm not sure what I'm writing here, but I'm hot under my plumber's overalls. God Bless, Bill Orvis White

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