Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is change?

Now this president is signing the big ole handout in the country of Denver. As I used to say to my mama, "Where the heck is that?" I hear that this plan is gonna create "green jobs." What's that? It sounds like the government is just making up those useless jobs for the heck of it. Maybe it's to make up jobs for their friends like that crook Blago guy. If I were president, another part of my stimulus plan would be to make more jobs building fighting machines like they do over at Lockheed. I would do that in Denver since I guess they're friendly with us.

Let's get back to the basics. We should build our own schoolhouses with our own hands. Let the ladies in every town be the teachers while guys like us do the heavy lifting like me-I do plumbing, drywall work, hunting, car repairs and more. Ladies like my gorgeous bride would be at school and then go home and cook up the venison I found in the backyard. We would all go to church on Sunday and then go back at again during the week. We do this for the most part and it works. Oh yeah, and my boys Dale and Kyle help out. They aren't spoiled brats like those kids on the island of New York. They help process the deer meat, change the spark plugs and oil, build houses for the less fortunate, clean the church bathrooms and give grandma massages and baths.

If everyone did what we did in every town, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in today.
This president isn't changing a darn thing. He's making it worse.
God Bless, BW

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