Monday, February 9, 2009


After a long Sunday fixing the Yodlers busted-up antique toilet, I came home to a huge meal prepared by my gorgeous wife Delores. Dale and Kyle reminded me to put the Grammy awards on. I told them it's a waste of time if my heroes Juice Newton, George Jones, Ted Nugent, Merle Haggard and Gene Simmons aren't there. But I sat down on my ripped up leather Lazy Boy and was pleasantly surprised by a few things. I must say that I like that Bono guy from U2. I know a lot of my buddies disagree with me, but I heard that Bono leads a Christ-centered life and he spent some time with G.W. Bush and had good words to say about him. For that Bono, I love you (not in that funny kind of way of course). I actually like the song he did, too. Very nice job, U2 -- even though I barely ever listened to your stuff. Plus, Bono is trying to do good in Africa. I'm sure he goes down there and spreads the word of baby Jesus and God. Plus, I read in an old U.S. News and World Report magazine that there's a bunch of oil down there. I bet Bono can bring back a bunch. God knows that my F-150 needs it!
I also like that Sugarland and Carrie Underwood. OK, I gotta sign off. I'm having lust in my jeans again. God Bless, BW.

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