Friday, February 13, 2009

Drivin' home

I'm driving in my F when all of a sudden, I hear that Mother Pelosi passed the big ole government handout of the century. That's a tough pill to swallow. After earning my keep for the day, I have to hear that this bedwetting nation of freeloaders are getting handouts! I'm afraid that this country has lost all of its power. It's hopeless. We are giving up control to the terrorist nations, Europe, China,India, Venezuela and even Cuba.I just did my taxes and I can't believe how they're getting me.
My plan of action is to scrap the whole tax collection system. Privative everything: roads, schools, utilities, hospitals. Just put those lazy government workers into the only business the government should be in: the military. I don't mind paying for protection from those who want to destroy America. But, we are losing that battle. We were winning in Iraq. Now, we're waving the white flag of surrender and telling the jihadists to come here and kill us. God Bless, BW

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